Annwyn, Beneath the Waves Picture

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In the Welsh mythology, Annwyn (Annwn) is the Other World, the place between life and death. I have already been inspired by this theme, for example in "The Other World". "Annwyn, Beneath the Waves" is also the title of the second album by Faith and the Muse, one of my favourite bands. A place of water created by the sea and the ocean, where dead souls are condemned to wander.

Annwyn = myself, portrait taken by Sea, sky and waves from
Temple by the sweet ~FeA-OLoReA.

I spent about 10 hours on this manip. It wasn't that easy, above all concerning the hair which I have painted. At the beginning I wanted to make something more fairy-like, with woods, but it didn't fit my idea. The Sea is definitely one of my biggest inspiration, as well as the Irish and Welsh mythologies. I wish I could go there again...


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