The Spirit of Autumn Picture

This piece is actually two seperate "panels," in other words, it is a diptych. The dark red band running down the center of the image is not concealing anything, it is merely a space holder to keep the two panels the proper distance apart. I created it that way on purpose, since I have always been intriuged by implied line and contour. In this case, the viewer is asked to intuit certain features as they extend through an area of negative space.

It was largely inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement with its reliance on geometry, earth tones, and natural forms. I am usually not a great fan of excessive use of the straight line (which you can probably tell from viewing the rest of my art) but I liked how it turned out in this piece. You may notice how the curved line of the tree trunk is carried through the more geometric portion in the right panel, as is the curve of the Spirit's head in the opposite panel. The rune-like designs running vertically down the upper left of the left panel read "Desiree's Musings" which was the former name of my website. Many of the leaves that appear in this image are from trees in my own neck of the woods. For instance, the three-lobed red leaf in the left panel is from the Sassafras (Sassafras albidum), and the green leaf in the upper right corner of the right panel is from the Yellow Poplar (Liriodendron tulipifera L.)

This happens to be one of my personal favorites (for the time being, anyways) even though I created it years ago. It encompases many of the themes throughout my entire website.

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