The Muses' Jam Session Picture

After doing my male muse ([link]) to protest the exclusionist nature of muses, I realised I hadn't put any wings on him and I'd meant to put wings on him. So I decided to draw a muse with wings. Which turned out to be multiple muses with wings, because I can never do things by halves. And they are taking a break from being museful to have a jam session, which probably means I've spent too much time playing music lately (or it would, if not for the fact that there's no such thing as too much music).

From left to right: Yuke is the Muse of Epic Song (he plays the fiddle). Mike (guitar) is the Muse of Tragedy. Peter (flute) is the Muse of History. Gabe, the Muse of Astronomy, usually plays bass guitar but they gave him Orpheus's lyre to see what he can make of it (not a lot so far...).

I have no idea why they have names and precise attributes. Probably more of this not being able to do things by halves. Also, on researching the muses, I can firmly say that the Greeks had muses for some jolly weird things.
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