Fallen Muse Final Picture

After 13 weeks of denial, agony, and healing (this can be taken on a metaphorical level or from an artist's standpoint), I have pronounced this painting finished. Big huge thanks to TJ's mom, Kathy, who despite an eye infection (I can still hear myself saying "don't worry about the details...just look at the shapes and colors") suggested a stronger reflection in the water...I'd been struggling with that quadrant of the painting.

Oh yeah, and you might be wondering, "What happened to the willow?"

Well, it didn't work. The presence of all those soft, flowing leaves was just too comforting for the figure. My framer Lisa said, after asking if I was okay for critique, "The willow has to go." I'm not too proud to know when someone is right.

So the willow went.

The light spot in the narcissus under the wings is because the paper has warped slightly. That will come out when it's flattened for photography and framing.

Painting size: 22 X 30"
Medium: Gouache with some Derwent Inktense pencil
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