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In completion for the arts requirement at High Technology High School, I have prepared a work of art, a 2 dimensional drawing, on a basic paper medium (printing paper) using a 0.7 mm lead #2 pencil and a ruler as my only tools. No references were used, and the style used is a modified realistic-manga approach with pencil rubbing shading.
The inspirations behind this piece came mainly from 3 sources – my ideals of art, birds, and the beautiful Japanese manga style. In my opinion, true art is something that you can enjoy at the same time as you create it; personally, music would apply to me in that way. Since I myself don’t own my own instrument of choice (the clarinet), I decided to dedicate my picture to this instrument, which can be seen being held by the girl in the image. All the bird-like influences come from my own past as an artist, because when I first started, birds were my initial and favored inspirations for drawings. These can be seen in the two birds surrounding the girl and in her slightly faded wings. The girl herself is drawn in the manga style, which is one of my preferred styles of drawing humans. Unlike other styles, manga-forms accentuate the body and anatomy of the subject, as well as the face of the character.
The picture itself can represent many things. Overall, the piece is meant to symbolize the significance of the clarinet as an instrument. The girl can be considered the human personification of this woodwind, and the way her pose is held is reminiscent of the sound of the clarinet; poised, clear, yet soft and charming at the same time. Her features can also be taken as hints of experience. The length of her hair is almost a representation of time, dedicated to the mastery of the instrument and winding down her pedestal of stone, revealing that over time, obstacles must be overcome before one can reach the pinnacle of mastery. The position of her legs adjusting to the rocks can come to emphasize the flexibility of the clarinet as an instrument. In musical compositions, the clarinet can play many roles and styles of music, from smooth and classical to frenzied and wild jazz, often fitting in many situations without much difficulty at all. The plants surrounding the girl mainly represent aging, but unlike her hair, they also represent everlasting growth, always growing with possible improvements on the experience and skills of the musician.
Unlike the girl and plants, the birds in the picture (composed of 3 different species of passerines) were mainly added for aesthetic purposes. However, if probed long enough, they an also come to represent symbols that coincide with the others. In history, birds have always held humanity’s captive interest because of their ability to fly, something humans can never truly experience as they would. The same idea applies in music, because unlike them, humans are not born naturally singing and musical so we try to imitate them, trying to reach their heights. The faded wings from the girl’s back symbolize the attempt at such, and due to her experience she may be near accomplishing that goal, even though she is not quite there yet. Another hidden message in the birds can be an allusion to 2 other birds, Huginn and Muninn, which are represented in Norse mythology as the Ravens of Odin; also known as Thought and Memory, their very names are two widely used concepts in music, as musicians often think about their music and styles, and later memorize words, lyrics, chords, and the music itself for a coming performance.
The girl’s expression itself is of bliss, as she holds her instrument lovingly, but her eyes and hands really have no true significance in the picture. Her eyes are closed mainly as an allusion to myself, since I don’t depend on my vision so much for music as I do on my ears and vibrational sensations during my playing, and the way she is holding the instrument is in the same manner that a clarinetist who has either just finished putting their instrument together or who is tuning a flat pitched clarinet would be holding their clarinet.

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~Artwork by me, dedicated to my most recent clarinet from middle school, who i dubbed clarice
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