Euterpe - Greek Muse of Music Picture

30 x 18 shaped Oil on canvas. My framer got a new machine to do awsome shapes for frames. First he formed the strecher bars and stretched the canvas over it. He wanted me to do a painting for him to show the new shapes at the Frame Expo in Las Vegas this last January. I instantly came up with a painting for the shape. I was reading Time Travlers Wife and came across the line of "Euterpe". Had to do a "Euterpe". I found a "Patas" monkey pretty much in the position I wanted her. I used a few other photos for refrence. My photographer could not get the bottom to come out more light with out over exposing the hair. So some detail is lost in the bottom. I have "Euterpe" spelled in Greek painted like an etching. My daugher is a photographer, so I am goring to see if I can better the image.
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