Musings Picture

It's simply done, but I have to say that I think the lighting/shadows are brilliant in this picture.

This picture was inspired by a conversation I had with a friend about muses. She was saying how they were far from the dancing muses in Greek mythology and how they are more like a fat man that sits all day on a couch, eating pizza, and watching TV; only giving their help when they feel like it.

As for me I only agree with the last bit, they do only give their help when they want to, but that doesn't mean they're fat couch potatoes. I believe that everyone's muse is different for each person. This is how I imagine my muse. Beautiful, but hardly giving me help whenever I feel think of writing (or any form of art). She is a wondrous and gentle, not to mention her presence is help enough, but that is only when she wants to help me. Otherwise she is spoiled, arrogant, and mean. She is a lovely burden, and one whom I love and hate.
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