Triumphant Euterpe Picture

Here is my illustration of Euterpe, one of the Nine Olympian Muses. I found her the most interesting. All of the Muses roles changed over the years with different writers and different interpretations, but she changed the most. She started off as the Muse of Music and Poetry, and ended up as the muse of... well, tragedy, basically. And tragedy is what she is most remembered for. So I thought for this I would bring back some of her former cheery glory, but I did keep some tragic undertones (broken violin stirngs made of tears xD)

The original drawing is 8000x7000 pixels, and I am really sad at the loss of quality reducing it ;__; All my hard work gone.

Photoshop CS3
Aprox 20 hours.
Reference for the pose and violin from:
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