Muse Mural Rough Concept Picture

Very rough sketch for a community project I have in mind for here on dev. The basic idea is that each participant will be assigned a square to complete in whatever manner they see fit. More info on that in my journal, but if you're interested in helping out, please do leave a reply there. The more participants, the better it will be.

The main subject theme is going to be the nine Muses, something most artists can relate to Top row left to right: Urania/Astrology, Euterpe/Music, Clio/History, Polyhymnia/Sacred Poetry, Calliope/Epic Poetry, Melpomene/Tragedy, and Terpsichore/Dance
Bottom row: Thalia/Comedy, and Erato/Lyrics-Love Poetry

Again, I know it's very rough, but it gives an idea of what the finished concept will be, so if it looks like something you'd like to help out with, please check out the details in my journal.
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