Nine Muses: Polyhymnia Picture

The second of my series of the Nine Muses (finally
Polyhymnia, the Muse of sacred hymn and eloquence in Greek Mythology, also reffered to as the Muse of Meditation and Agriculture, is often veiled with a pensive look on her face. I thought it would make sense to put her in a forest because many people find it peaceful and go there to think.
I put a bird on the pillar to make reference to hymns (songbird...). The 'chapel' in the background is there because sacred hymns often speak of God, or in this case, many Gods.

The girl: [link]
The flower: [link]
The bush: [link]
The pillar: [link]
The ivy: [link]
The forest: [link]
The chapel(ish) thing: [link]
The bird: [link]

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