The Nine Muses -Refurbished- Picture

Man, this was tough!!!!! These are forms of Meloetta based on the Nine Muses in Greek Mythology. Here are their names (they are listed from top left, to bottom right):

Terpsichore (Dance); Ground - I kept the original Pirouette forme and just colored it to be a ground type. Well, I added a front dress drape thingy.

Erato (Lyrics); Grass - Erato is just Meloetta's Aria forme with no changes whatsoever! It just fits perfectly.

Euterpe (Music); Steel - The main base is Aria, with some Pir. added in to lengthen the dress. I added a trebel clef and trumpet to add a musical effect.

Polyhymnia (Hymns); Water - She is basically Aria with longer hair and dress. I wanted her to be angelic (hymns), hence the halo, with characteristics of water which I accomplished in the hair.

Melpomene (Tradegy); Poison - She is the darker of the "twins." Her hair goes over her face in a more sinister sort of look.

Thalia (Comedy); Electric - She and her sister are Pir. in base with a lot of Aria added in for length. Thalia and her sister are the same base, just reversed and the colors are reversed. Thalia's hair is wild like with static

Urania (Astronomy); Dark - She is Pir. in base. I used Pir.'s hair and flipped it to give Urania super long hair that wraps around her in a sort of orbit. Also, the sphere's kinda represent planets.

Calliope (Epics); Fighting - She is Aria with Pir. only in the drape from her dress. She is supposed to be pictured sitting down telling a story (epic). She seems happy, so don't make her mad!!

Clio (History); Rock - She is strictly Aria (i think)...She is kneeling, reading history from her book. I couldn't get her quite right.

All the muses double as normal types. ALSO!!!! Calliope and Urania are featured in this Meloetta project: [link]
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