My OCs Picture

SO here's my two OCs Cali and Andy and about them
Here's their Profile

Name: Andromeda Jackson
Nickname: Andy, Water for brains (Cali's Nickname for her)
Age: 14
godly parent: Poseidon
weapon: Mist mode: A small umbrella that could fit into anything
Total Bad-ass Mode: You name the weapon she has it (even a boat that can carry as much people you like)
also a locket that could guide you anywhere (well inside the locket is a magical gem that protects and guided her (given to her from her mom after she (her mom) died
Personality: well you can know about it here [link]
Friends: In the beginning: Alice ( A goth that loves Tim burton
movies) and Nathalie (A preppy and a girly-girl) her neighbors
Now: Percy, Annabeth, Nico (has A crush on her (love at 1st sight) but he denies it) , Leo (not that much), Cali (sometimes they fight) Rachel
Family: Percy's Family of course (she was adopted at the end of the story (SPOILAH))
Likes: Music (especially rock) Practicing how to manipulate water, studying greek mythology, reading (she's not dyslexic but she is ADHD) Painting and other arts, cooking, candies, being all hyper and random, video games, playing the guitar
Dislikes: MATH! SCHOOL!!, Loosing, tricking into mischief and getting harmed in the process, girly stuff, PINK!!!, DRESSES AND SKIRTS!!!! Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black, Duck face. The Twilight movies and the books
Color: Blue (specifically electric blue) and green
Candies: Chocolates and jelly beans
Drink: Hazelnut coffee
Movie: Coraline and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Books: Hunger Games
Band/s: Evanescence and 3 days grace
Singer: Taylor Swift
Name: Carolina Maria Martin
Nickname: Cali, Hothead ( Andy's Nickname for her)
Age: 15
godly parent: Hestia
weapon: only her fire powers
Personality: well you can know about it here [link]
Friends: [Same as Andy's]
Family: all campers of Camp Half-blood except for the Ares's kids
Likes: Playing the piano, target practice outdoor games teasing Andy, animals, cute things, music (especially the ones that gives you self esteem, cookies, hanging around the Hearth, planting
Dislikes: Andy teasing her, Leo flirting her, getting wet by an extremely cold water, completely losing control of her powers, Justin Bieber, Rebecca Black and the Twilight Books and movies
Color:Red (Ruby red to be exact) and Brown
Candies: Lollipops (with bubblegum or chocolates inside) and bubblegum that can change the color of your tongue
Drink: Mocha Frappe
Movie: Sweeney Todd Demon Barber of Fleet Street and Sleepy Hollow
Books: Deltora Quest
Band/s: Gorillaz, Paramore
Singer: Jessie J.
Continue Reading: The Graces