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Name; κύμα (pronounced Kíma/Keema, meaning wave (in Greece))

Gender: Male

Height: in human form; 168 cm, or 5'5 feet/66.14 inches (but in his "real" form, the Nereid,he's 183 cm (6'0 feet/72.04 inches))

Weight: quite varying depending on weather and temperature, aka how much water he's got in him (it isn't really visible until he's almost dehydrated though)

Sexuality: He doesn't really care about such details; Just live and be happy! (thus getting him to be faithful in a relationship might be quite a task)

Age: About 18 human years (but his kind doesn't count time the same way)

Spice: Nereid (sea nymph)

About me;
Physical Description: Thanks to a gift from his grandmother Kíma has two forms in order to be at the school; one is the one he was born as, a blue-green skinned Nereid made for a life in water. With his big green-grey eyes without pupil, long hair and small oddly colored outgrowth (that he doesn't even know himself what they are) one can clearly tell he belongs amongst corals in the deep ocean. As an descender to creatures being a part of Greek mythology he is hardly a shame to his ancestors.
The other one is caused by the seashell he has to wear to contain; a more humanoid version of himself with pale skin and clear eyes made for a life on dry land. His green hair (that even on land moves as if it was under water) and ears seems to stay as they are though, but Kíma hardly complains.
In both "forms" he is quite lanky, build for speed and grace rather than strength, but as a Nereid he can't leave the water; he is a part of it as much as the ocean lives in him, which is why the other form is the only one people will see of him inside the school…

Personality: As a pure spirit of the free ocean it is a bit hard to get Kíma to be serious about anything. He would much rather dance away the day than even bother about that it might cause trouble, and will most likely tell people to "Not bother" if they complain. Although he has a quite gentle nature and will do his best to comfort once he finally gets that something is serious, even if it's a part of his nature to not understand 'death' or 'deep sorrow'. This might be due to that he comes from the same nature as goldfishes and dolphins, but he will only see such as a part of nature and move on from it.
He loves his freedom, water and summer, music and rain.
Growing up with his own kind he's learned that physical contact is good, and might appear as quite clingy by others.

Bio: Kíma grew up with the joy-filled freedom that any Nereid has, and he never really knew any kind of misery. He learned to sing from whales and sirens, danced with eels and seaweed down the streets of Atlantis, chased moonlight and Sea Sparkles around ships, loved life and simply did whatever he wanted every day.
Yesterday and tomorrow was gone and unknown, the now is the only reality one needs. Kíma could very well tell anyone about what he's done, but never when; time is never something he will think much about.
But as he was related to Arethusa, the Nereid that in the end became a fountain, he had a great fascination for rivers and sweet water as well, so rather than stopping him his mother sent him off to a school where all kinds of oddities would show up to entertain his curiosity. Through the gift from his grandmother he could even walk amongst them, and hopefully learn more about the world.
And since the boy lives every day as its own he left without much thought about it, taking for granted that he would return home one day so he wasn't sad the least (and he can't focus/be bored enough to get homesick)

Other things:
-Even when wearing the seashell and walking around as a human Kíma always leave a trail of wet footprints after him
-He has never experienced winter before, and does not like all the ice and snow; the cold makes him almost freeze to ice as well!
-He never eats anything that hasn't come from the sea, and he loves to eat fish
-Laughing he sounds quite a bit like a dolphin
-He does have magic (controlling water in small amounts), but doesn't know much about it; he doesn't care and mostly uses it for fun and beautiful effects (although this means that when he loses his temper he loses control entirely)
-Giving gifts is only something friends do, so the smallest of things (though the shinier the better) will make him forever happy and he will of course bring something equally nice back
-He doesn't have to breathe (in either form), but needs water at least once within 24 hours
-To keep him from moving out to the ocean during the summer he has a quite big aquarium instead of a bed in his dorm (which takes up about all space that would be his in the room)

House; C

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