Z-Parisites App: Dante Picture

Human Info:

Name: Dante N. Carmine
Nicknames: Atlas , Cryptic Titan,Dan, Danny boy (only girls call him that )
Age: 27 years old
Gender: Male
Role: Expert
Eye anomaly: <nobr>Mercury</nobr> Silver: human eyes
Vein position: Inner right Calf near male reproductive organ.
Personality: Has a very imposing figure (due to his height and combat efficiency), Very Creative/ improviser when in mind-set, Is thought to be a brilliant strategist. Spirited a bit of a block head(stubborn), Likes to be well-prepared (due to his experience in military mishaps), Chivalrous, At times he can be depressing but but still fun to be a round, a bit of a Philosopher, selfless to loved ones when they are in danger, a calculating man, and a leader when the time calls for one.



Dante had a semi-peaceful life and normal family with a mother, father, his little sister Sophia, and his adopted brother Daxima. He would repair anything that would break around the house. He has a bitter side to him, since his mom left him and his father died when he was at a young age. His father was the generic father, taking him fishing, teaching him how to fix things, playing sports (specifically soccer),and Guitar, When he got a bit older he would take him hunting once every summer. He was a very morally sound guy with no bad habits and wanted to be a perfect role model. His father was in the military (GG), but was killed during a riot when Dante was around 16. A nonth or two later a man came to their home who claimed to be Dax's real brother came to take him back by force. Dante confronted the man inan all out brawl. On the verge of killing the man Sophia tackled Dante off the man and begging him to stop fighting and saying "Stop!hes a part of our family too! just please! Please! Dont hurt him anymore.." During this moment the man took the oppurtunity to try to kill Dante and accidently impaled Sophia. Whilst Dante being shocked by the current event the man made his escape.Dante stayed there hugging his dying sister closely to his chest saying everything would be fine. She looked him in the eyes and said "Im sorry Dan..", she smiled as the life quickly drained from her eyes and her breathe ceased to grace this world. Dante sat there with his dead sister devestated and stayed there even after the paramedics took the body away. His mother dealing with the death of her daughter nad husband in such a short time frame took its toll and she couldnt handle the loss and started to break down and the household collapsed. He wasput in custody of social services,going from foster home to foster home, focusing on his sanity and only thinking of escape from his mental problems and pent up frustrations, Escape came when he turned 18, and joined the GG. Wanting to follow in his great fathers foot steps and to avenge his sister. He joined the GG academy and graduated as a GG officer. There he became a soldier and earned a livingis vengeful campaignn to find the man who murdered his sister infront of him. After a while he started to gain back his humanity and sanity thanks to a few people he knew in the GG such as Jack. Years past. One summer When he was on vacation from his military <nobr>tour</nobr>, he went out on a hunting trip. Stalking a buck focusing on the kill a retile snuck up on him and bit him in the inner leg and he collapsed and passed out. And there he had got infected with RalK. After that event and knowing the full gravity of being infected he left the GG without notice. Later he came across a fox while he was hunting that was odd and that interested him (Riley who he didn't know) then things led to one thing to another and Dante decided to join Harmony.....


<nobr>Parasite</nobr> info:

Parisite Name: RalK Sha ool,Nickname is just RalK
Parasite<img src="cdncache-a.akamaihd.net/items/…"> type: Carnataurus Hybrid
Weight:7 pounds
Origin: A captured by the government which they were trying make new dinosaurs, it was a experiment gone wrong and it escaped out of the steel container which it was held inland fled into the woods. The Infection<img src="cdncache-a.akamaihd.net/items/…">: RalK escaped the outpost and fled into the woods and came across Dante hunting which he wanted to avoid people but he had a sense of magnetism to Dante. While Dante was preoccupied in killing a buck RalK snuck up on his side and bit Dante in his right leg. Personality: Calm and calculating. He is wise and will not attack unless provoked.


Additional Info:

-His Parasitic form is 14'9
-His Symbiote form 10'0
-Dante's height is 6'8
-The dog tags that Dante always wears was his fathers..
- Birth date: February 14th
-Likes to work on his car<img src="cdncache-a.akamaihd.net/items/…"> and work on his techniques (Jeet Kun-Do, Judo, Grappling/Military Sambo)
- Is an Industrial Engineer (covers technology, machines, and chemicals)
- Is trained (relieved) military officer
-Is very familiar with Greek mythology
- Has a small cabin about 37 miles from Harmony
- His back pack is fully equipped for "most" emergency situations
- he can lift 160.92 kilos with 80% effort (354 pounds) while in his human form.
- Prefers to go in alone and quiet to complete objectives
- he's not really an attacker but his defense become s his offence when engaged in combat.
- has a past experiance as a DJ
- Has a 1967 Pontiac Firebird at his Cabin
- Has Italian and African American heritage


- dog tags
- sling back pack
- combat knife

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