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Name: This mysterious create goes by several names. Her true name is Artemis, but true names hold great power. She has many aliases on Mortal Earth, far too many to name.

Species: Artemis is a 'Blessed One', a species of my own making. I would further explain them, but it would be a major spoiler for the story.
To put it simply, a Blessed One can look like any species of the natural world. The most common, however, is a canine appearance. If one of the Blessed Ones dies, it will throw the world into ruin and chaos. The amont of damage depends on which Blessed One died: some's death could change the world, and others could completely destroy it.
Blessed Ones are either invisible to mortals, or they appear to look like a normal version of their species. For Blessed Ones are always easily distinguished; whether it be unnatural colors, markings, or an addition of limbs, they always stand out immensely from their mortal cousins.
Blessed Ones are a species in itself, a branch of the Immortals. Of course, none are completely immortal. Their bodies are prone to sickness, starvation, and can be killed by violent means, but time does not decay their bodies.

A drop of their blood can have healing properties. The only catch is that the Blessed One must willingly give their blood for it to work: otherwise, it turns to an acidic substance that burns through flesh. Some Immortals use this blood as a poison.
A foolish young Immortal once went to Earth in disguise as a human, spreading rumor about the Blessed Ones. He made them out to be human-like beings- for no human would believe it if they were told that anything in the form of an animal could be superior to them- and chaos erupted, twisted versions of the truth spreading. Thus a few of the names of Immortals can be found in the stories of mortal humans. Even then, the patheticaly weak minds of mortals failed to grasp but a shadow of the Immortal world. Their wildest dreams and craziest creatures their imaginations conjure cannot hold a candle to the wonder and might of the Immortal world.

Artemis was not always the creature she is now...she was an innocent pup once, with her own hopes and dreams, instead of fury and ambition. But change effects all things, not even the Blessed Ones can master time. Innocence was snatched away, trust was shattered, faith was demolished.

Since only a small while after her birth -the twinkling of an eye compared to the length of her life 'till now- she has struggled through life. She was a runt, small and helpless at birth. Her mother despised her and her twin brother, though, and both were left to fend for themselves. Her twin handled the situation much better than she did, deciding early on that he would not hate only because he was hated. While both were permanently scarred, Artemis fared worse.

And so the years passed. She would be the first person to admit that she was brutal, and she would admit it with a look of pride in her eyes. She would be the first person to admit that she was violent, malevolent- and there was always a wry grin on her face when the topic came up. Oh, no, she wasn't ashamed of herself at all... no. There was nothing she'd not done in violent intentions- and she lived for violent intentions.
Some have called her heartless. Her response to those remarks is clever; of course she had a heart. For nothing was as cruel, a heart made of flesh and blood knows what gives pain.

Even more time has passed, millions of years. She has grown in wisdom and in strength, and the power of her hate and cruelty has grown along with it.

Now Artemis is quite brusque and dour. She is strictly no-nonsense, cutting straight to the heart of whatever matter is at hand. She is mysterious and quite contradicting, to the point that most have given up trying to understand her compeltely. If you are lower rank than her, you obey her whims or die. If you are above her, you avoid her anyway. That is all that anyone needs to know.
Her wits are almost quicker than her sharp reflexes. She is sly in her mind and loves to twist the meaning of things to suit her, twisting things other say to a different meaning that could destroy them. Artemis can always manage to make someone think twice about anything, yet she still prefers physical prowess over a sharp tongue.

Girly? Never. Artemis is wild and free-spirited, stubborn and the definition of rebellion. She will fight to the death for the right for her opinion, and can and will, without hesitation, resort to violence to prove her point. She will kill to show her unrelenting dominance. No quarter asked, no quarter given. She is proud to a fault, and refuses to be humiliated. When someone does dare to try and do so, she never fails to make sure the whole plot backfires.
Her respect is hard to gain, and view have accomplished it. Despite her love for her brother, if she had to choose between his life and her own she wouldn't hesitate to save herself. For she values her own interests and life far higher than that of any other. She will hide behind a mask of eloquent politeness if she must, but only if it will benifit her.

She's a major flirt as well. She will sometimes take on the appearance of a normal wolf, more beautiful than most yet still diminished from her regular form, and walk among her mortal cousins. She will stay, sometimes for years, sometimes only a day, only to leave without warning on a moonless night, never to return. After most of her visits to mortal Earth, she leaves broken hearts in her wake. When she does stay long enough to have pups, she usualy kills them: for her power could pass onto her pups, despite having a mortal parent. With her father being the most powerful of the currently living Blessed Ones, any pups in his direct line could take on great power, power great enough to destroy mortal earth and start another immortal war if the pup is left untrained. But even if trained in its' powers, any soul can be corrupted. Either way, she does not want to be a mother...though she would never admit that it was from fear that she would turn into the Blessed One her mother was

Like most Blessed Ones, she has a tiny bit of a problem with Narcissistic rage and megalomania. She is not as bad of an egomaniac as some of her relatives, but having no one she could trust besides herself, she has developed a bit of Megalomania.

In short, she is fierce, violent, and unpredictable on the outside. On the inside she is just a wounded pup, longing for nothing more for someone to love her, and someone she could trust. One person can somewhat sooth this pain, though. Being near the one called Dion can help distract her from her moods, despite that they call him a no good cad. For she was more comfortable being around an outcast like herself than anyone else.

Likes: The night and the moon. She loves the hunt more than anything else. Her tracking skills and reflexes are well known and admired through the land of the Immortals.
She secretly likes to spend time with her brother- despite her outward complaints of his ignorance and immaturity- though moments when they are together are very few and far between.

She loves deer, and I do not mean to eat. She will rarely hunt a deer, actually. When she does hunt and kill, it is only to vent her anger or to feed the other immortal companions, loyal to her always. They were lessers, and thus had to eat. Blessed Ones did not need food, water, nor sleep, yet still did all three on occasion.
She also seems to favor Cypress trees. No one knows why. Her fur vaguely smells of Cypress constantly, a trait that has made her easily recognizable, which is fine with her. Because she loves to be recognized, for her name to be whispered and spoken by any and all immortals...whether said in fear, awe, or resentment didn't matter to her.
Despite that, she prefers solititude over the company of others, save for her posse of huntresses.

She likes dealing with herbs. She knows the healing herbs, but is not a healer. Usualy she deals in poisons, an inconspicous way of killing or maiming her enemies.

Stalking people. When not hunting or messing around on Earth, Artemis will quietly follow people around, both Blessed Ones and Mortals. Her neverending curiousity drives her to try and figure out any and all interesting secrets on earth: as if there are many of those. None of the mortals she stalks even realizes she was there. When it comes to Blessed Ones, however, she's not as lucky. Sometimes she can succesfuly follow one of the lesser Immortals without being caught, (mostly Midas and Dion) but she has given up on trying to sneak up on those such as her father. Not only do they catch her, but most of the time it angers them immensely. Her father is always particularly enraged by such things, and it is not wise to anger him, even if you are his daughter. For the Blessed Ones' society is varied hugely from any on mortal earth So Artemis tries to avoid her father as much as possible. She hasn't forgotten too soon, after all, of the way her grandfather died.

Her father Raiu's brother, Xesat. She ignores the hate between them, though, watching her uncle whenever he ventures from his home. He confronted her once and nearly slashed her eyes out, yet she still has scars around her eyes from the encounter. This hasn't daunted her, though she now takes better care to not be noticed.

Dislikes: Being outwitted or outdone is one thing she extremely hates. Losing is not an option in her book, quitting even less so. She also hates being contradicted; especialy when the one to do so is right. There are little or no witnesses when she is proven wrong, though, the challengers usualy dissapear inexplicably, their bodies never to be found again... When she cannot 'dispose' of them, she always manages to find a way for them to be miserably and publicaly humiliated with nothing to suggest who the culprit is.

Mortals, particularly humans. Those narrow-minded fools who consider themselves great, whom even the grandest of geniouses she thinks complete idiots compared to the least of her kind. Yet they still interest her slightly, for they are the only creatures who can do the damage they do..they only creatures cruel and creative enough to cause such pain for their own kind and others.

Being disrespected. The smallest signs of disrespect in lesser Immortals infuriates her, and her fury is not something any being would want to face.

Background (Optional, but it gives you a better shot)
I once walked in darkness and knew no light, until a bright star broke loose from the vault of heaven. I saw it streak across the darkness in a graceful plunge to land upon a hill in my night-blackened landscape. Never had I seen such a thing so bright with its tail fanned out behind it in glittering particles, gems upon black velvet. Where it landed, it threw sparks into the air and fizzled to a pulsing glow. Curious and eager, I climbed the steep hill on top of which it lay. Breathless, I reached the very top to find the pieces of the star nestled in a crater. The fragments were jagged where they had separated from the whole, but smooth on their outer perimeter like some orb that had been struck at it's center with chisel and hammer. Broken though it was, the star cast its pure white light upon the night. Never had my wretched eyes looked upon a light so bright, let alone so pure. The intensity of the thing threatened to blind my night-crippled eyes, but I could not look away. Like a child, I felt drawn to that which I had never experienced and I felt sympathy for the fragments, for they laid there so sadly. I hesitantly reached my paw towards the fragments, but they burned white-hot against my flesh. I cried out and withdrew, glancing down at my scalded flesh. The glowing fragments of the star flashed brighter still, imprinting their dazzling light upon my eyes like a white film over my sight, before going out completely and hiding their light from me.

The flesh upon my paws still throbs with pain for which no salve exists. And I walk in a darkness now much deeper than I have ever known for having known the light.

The sun shimmered in the sky, slowly descending beneath the horizon. The golden sphere cast an orange shadow over the world, creating a peaceful scene. Pity that it was indeed exactly the opposite of what it seemed to be.

A slender creature, resembling vaguely a canine of the world of Earth, yet was obviously different in a way that no words could explain, stood at the rim of a lake, watching the large star -far greater than that of earth- disappear, soon to cast the world into darkness. The other two suns of this world had long since fallen, not to rise again for many more hours.

The remaining light the last sun cast reflected on the fathomless blue surface of the water, gently rippling on the waves. A soft breeze swept through the air and shifted the striking green leaves of many trees that blocked its path. Rocks glowed in the light, creating the illusion of a simmering flame.

The peace was short-lived.


The being tilted his gaze at the intrusion, shockingly azure eyes meeting pale emerald. He let out a sigh, half annoyed, half aggitated, and turned to face the other.

“Xesat,” he acknowledged. His voice was dark and he spoke with a tone of importance, a commanding tone that equaly commanded attention and honor. “What is the purpose of your visit?” He asked, blunt and to the point as always.

“He is gathering his followers as we speak,” he explained slowly. “He...he is preparing for war.”

With a scoff, the other turned his back to Xesat and focused his eyes on the lake. He had predicted such a thing would come to pass – it came as no surprise to him, none at all.

“Raiu?” Xesat took a small step back, unconsciously increasing the distance between them. The only thing that could intimidate him was his brother, the brother he hated so yet had to work with. That would change very soon, though, and Xesat struggled to hide his smug smirk. It would be fatal to reveal his plans so early on. His time would come.

The other shook his head slightly, with dismissal. “Convey a message to the others,” he ordered. “They are to prepare for battle.” He looked towards the horizon and recognized that it would not be long before the sun would have vanished completely.

“At dawn – we fight.”

The days of war always come.
And for some they never go.
For many they are trying days.
I have lived since before the begginings of Mortal Earth...
I have lived through turmoil and pain, suffering and war.
But most importantly, I survived.
Now war is coming again...and nothing can stop it.

The moon shone wane overhead. The night was just beggining. I stood at the base of a hill, slightly to the side. My father stood on the top, looking down at those assembled in the glade. My mother sat behind him haughtily; oh, how I despise her. My brother stood directly opposite of me, hidden partialy by the higher mound where my father was. We were opposites, all right; in every way, shape, and form. He practicaly glowed, the golden shades of his fur seemed bright even in the pale moonlight. Pale flames licked around his paws. Fire loved him, light loved him...everyone and everything loved him. He practicaly attracted attention. He was truly a prince among Immortals, far more powerful than he let on.
These were the only times we could be together: occasionaly at night, when his daytime duties were not present. Even when were together, we could rarely speak. This was one of those times.

My gaze traveled slowly across the assembly of Immortals. There were hundreds of thousands, at least one for every form on earth (and quite a good many from other places), though the majority were canines. From a small ferret curled and watching the proceeding with wary eyes to a great warhorse, decked in armor, all shapes and sizes of creatures were here. We could, of course, change our size to fit our whims. I scanned the crowd for my fathers' brother, who Raiu hated so. Despite his withdrawment from the others, he wasn't hard to spot. Large and burly, it was hard to tell whether he looked more like a ragged bear or a panther of some sort. His dark fur was matted; he never cared about his appearance. A small, lithe creature stood beside him, slightly resembling the ocelots of earth. Her white fur stuck out of the mass of bodies like a beacon. She was of no interest to me, though, so I turned back to the one I had been searching for. Sensing that he was being watched, he raised his head with greater speed than expected from his great size. Green eyes- I sometimes fancied the thought that the glowed faintly- spotted me immediately, piercing yet pale. His lip curled into a snarl, and I looked away nonchalantly, as if I hadn't been staring.

My father stood, watching as more crowded into the clearing. The markings under his eyes shown brightly, reflecting the intensity of his mood. I had inherited similar markings from him, that perturbed me due to the fact that they allowed others to guess more easily my thoughts and emotions. Raiu stood with his head erect and his jaw clenched, looking down with a bland expression. Weariness shown on his face, yet there was something more...a fierce determination, self-preparation for something. What, I didn't know. Either way, he was hiding something...and I was going to find out what. Tearing my gaze away, I glanced at the crowd again.

I spotted Midas- or Hunter, as he was better known- (the majority of Blessed Ones had dubbed him Midas for the golden fur he had when he deigned to be in his canine form, a jackal, but whether the name was one of mockery or otherwise, no one could say) at the fringe of the gathering, standing with his arms folded across his bare chest as he leaned against the first tree that seperated the immense glade from the surrounding forest. While no one knew what exactly Hunter was, he appeared to be a changeling of some sort -currently in the form of a human-like creature- that I will not waste my time trying to explain. There are no words in any language of mortal earth to describe some of our Immortal creatures. For he was obviously immortal, being in this country at all was proof enough...Yet he was not a Blessed One. For some reason the memories of even the oldest of Immortals became foggy when they tried to remember the time when he had came. So of course all were suspicious of him; if no one knew who he was or where he came from, he was obviously not to be trusted.

Which, naturaly, interested me even more.

Hunter finally snapped out of his thoughts and back into reality, eyes narrowing as he glared at me. With a barely surpressed smirk, I finally brought my attention back to my father, who had begun to speak. I was only half-listening, not caring about the problems of the mortal earth, of this one, for that matter. Of course, I was expected to help solve them, but since when did that mean I was actualy going to? I had been to Earth oft enough, I knew their problems. I would far rather be out, alone for the most part, hunting until dawn. But tensions were rising between the immortals, it could be crucial to watch everything taking place. One muted murmur, one hostile glance, might be the only warning of an oncoming war. War was coming, whether in a day or a millinia didn't matter.

I subtly felt a presence by my side. While I guessed who it was, I still glanced out of the corner of my eye- and was correct. Dion stood there, so close his dully golden fur nearly brushed my side. "What are you doing here?" I snapped. There was no use lowering my voice, with all the racket around you could shout and still keep from being overheard. "I have a right to be here, don't I?" He retorted, his tone giving away nothing of his feelings. I scoffed. "As much right as a pig has to fly." I muttered under my breath. Finally he had to break his stoic mask and grinned wryly, that michievous grin that screamed trouble. It seemed that nothing could faze Dion, so I had stopped trying. He was the only one who had ever gotten me to ease up a little. "I meant here, literaly. Being so close to Raiu will definitely cause trouble." What I didn't mention was the rumors that would spring up as a result of seeing the blackgaurd Dion so close to me.
"Do I care?" was all he said, brushing it off as if it was nothing. Point taken.

I was so caught up in my thoughts that I didn't notice as my uncle seperated himself from the crowd, along with several others. It may have never come to my attention if Dion hadn't nudged my shoulder, rather hard. I turned to snap at him, but before I could he gestured to where I could see Xesat look back right before he dissappeared into the night. His eyes seemed more piercing than ever, as if those pale globes could see into my very soul.
Then, without a sound, he turned away again, and the night swallowed him up.
Dion and I exchanged glances. Yes, war was coming, a war to shake the lands of Mortal Earth and of the Blessed Ones to their very foundations.
My form...it's so dang short! D8 I'll never stand a chance.

If you bothered to read that form, or at least the species bit, you'll know why all my recent charries have names from Greek Mythology (ie, Dion, Athena, etc). I'll be drawing my little Hunter/Midas later.

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And yes, I purposefuly left out her jewelry.

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