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aA: This is g0ing t0 be the ID, right?
gG: yeah
dR: I'm fine with the picture--
dR: ...
dR: Kanaya. Will yo+u please lo+o+k at the camera?
gA: I Refuse To
aA: Kanaya, please st0p...and l00k at the camera.
gA: No
gG: kanaya, just look at the camera; it wont kill you
gA: I Will Not

((Let's start!


•Trickster!Jade (or edaJ) goes by the pesterChum handle, "growingGodling" (gG). She used to go by "greedyGlutton," but decided to change it after she came back to life, was a bit weird.
•Ex of Dave (evaD). Broke up because of a misunderstanding.
•Used to fawn over Cronus (sunorC), but learned her lesson and tries to ignore him now.
•God Tier now (Witch of Space).
•She loves sweet foods.
•She used to act cannibalistic, but now treats that as a joke to mess around with people's heads.
•She is a bit more serious than normal Jade, but that doesn't mean that she won't joke around. She's more for humor at another's expense. She harasses people, and can be obnoxious and loud at times.
•She is a liiittle bipolar.
•She's a bit depressed at the moment. Well, she did just kind of die.
•Likes tinkering with robots she makes from scrap.
•She can't stand Feferi (irefeF). And it's not unjustified.
•She hates puns of all kinds, and just loves to make fun of them.
•She and John (nhoJ) are on VEERRRYY good terms - scarily good (duh, they're siblings).
•She can be very seductive at times to creep people out.
•She doesn't mind swearing.
•And she doesn't mind resorting to violence - even if she doesn't realize that's what she's doing.
•She loves the words saccharine (which is sweet) and sanguine ("of blood"). Just cause of the way they sound.
•She aspires to be a doctor (always harassed Dave by talking about her growing needle collection).
•HUGE PlayStation gamer. You could find her with her PsP, shooting Twisted to bits.
•Floats upside down when she's bored. Or generally whenever.
•Huge fan of Adventure Time; thinks Marceline is epic.
•Favorite movie: The Avengers. Thinks Hulk is awesome.
•Rocker, definitely. She loves modern and classic rock. Three Days Grace is one of her favorite bands - alongside Disturbed, and Slipknot.


•Aradia Megido (odigeM aidarA) goes by the Trollian handle awaitingAcolyte (aA).
•Aradia: Most forward trickster of the group.
•Aradia is sickly sweet sometimes. I mean, she seems nice, but she'll usually mutter an insult under her breath afterwords.
•She's very obsessed with death. She won't hesitate to make some horrifying comment about the impending end, or something like that. Very into the apocalypse, and doesn't mind watching people die. Doesn't do it as much anymore from Jade's first hand account of death.
•Her lusus died when she was little.
•She likes older music a lot more than newer. Favorite band: Queen.
•Even though she is NOT dead, she likes to type with the hollowness of one who is. She also tries to use proper capitalization and punctuation, but she often forgets a few when she's a bit flustered.
•Jade is her roommate, and a very good friend of hers - they're almost like sisters.
•She sometimes makes puns around death.
•She also likes to point out any puns that could be based around death when someone speaks (e.g: "Painstakingly" = "stake").
•Araida plays the ocarina.
•She's a huge fan of the Legend of Zelda series. Her favorite monsters are the ReDeads, and the boss Stallord from Twilight Princess. Favorite Dungeon? Arbiter's Grounds.
•Favorite movie: it's a tie between Paranorman and Nightmare Before Christmas (only Disney movie she's seen).
•Aradia has played and beaten all of the Kingdom Hearts games. Kingdom Hearts is the only Disney thing she knows, so if you bring up someone like Jack? She'll comment on how great of an ally he was (Skellington, or Captain Sparrow.)
•She can see and interact with the dead. She finds it fun to talk with them. And doesn't mind repeating what they're saying to their family members or friends.
•She's friends with Nepeta, and likes to fool around with her when it comes to puns.
•She's had three crushes - but she's never actually told her crush she liked them. Her first crush was Equius, but that one didn't last long. Her next was Sollux, but it was just a passing phase. Her current crush is Dave. She never tells anyone that she likes anyone, and treats everyone the same - never letting her secret come to be.
•She love bugs.
•She also likes to draw, but keeps her sketchbook hidden - as it contains pictures of herself and...well, Dave. She got into drawing around the time she developed her crush on Dave.
•Aradia's into the occult. Heck, she even summons demons for fun. She has a growing knife collection in her room, along with a gun collection, and a huge bookcase on books about summoning and banishing demons and spirits. I wonder what she wants to be when she's older...
•She has highly developed psychic abilities. She uses them a lot. And if someone ticks her off, they'll be flung upside down.


•Kanaya Maryam (mayraM ayanaK) is a scary young woman who goes by the name gruesomeArsonist (gA) on Trollian.
•Very into fashion to the point it's an obsession.
•Hates Eridan and Tavros. She won't say why.
•Has two crushes, but won't say who!
•She's a Rainbow Drinker who will not hesitate to rip out someone's neck.
•Very formal and descriptive when calm, but when she's flustered...she's basically Lemongrab (Jade has called her that).
•Bossy, and likes to be in control. Hates it when things are out of control.
•Vindictive. Malicious. Sadistic. Yeah.
•Loves reading.
•Especially about mythology and urban legends.
•Really likes makeup, and wants to get into costume makeup. She could turn an ordinary looking person into a monster - easy.
•She wants to do costume or makeup design for movies. That, or make the costumes, or even do the makeup itself. She loves that kind of thing (closet hobby, shhhhh).
•She's Porrim's apprentice. Yeah, she wants to learn how to make the kind of clothing Porrim does (which is outlandishly beautiful, if it's her own patterns, and not just a combination of different articles of clothing).


•Porrim Maryam (mayraM mirroP) is a sassy vampire Rainbow Drinker who goes by drearyRegulator (dR) on Trollian.
•She really likes making clothing, and makes people outfits willingly - and likes doing it. She made a dress for Aradia (I've yet to make it on PMD, but this is the dress.)
•Though she's a Rainbow Drinker, Porrim doesn't act like some crazy animal; she keeps it under control. Only when she hasn't had blood in a long time does she get edgy, and nearly attacks people.
•She's got tattoos. She won't show them.
•Has like...FOUR EXES that you all would recognize: Cronus, Aranea, Damara, and Kurloz. It's...a long story.
•She's a germaphobe.
•Loves snakes.
•Knows how to manipulate people, and knows exactly the "weak spots" of different people (rub behind an Ampora's fins=>???=>Profit).
•Likes to play flirt.
•Kanaya is the only one to actually get on her nerves.
•If you pay her in blood, she'll reveal things about someone's past (she knows a LOT). You'll have to give her a lot of blood for her own. But will take half of the normal price for Cronus'. She loves to tell about his romantic escapades.
•Huge fan of "New Wave" music. And electroswing.
•Doesn't really watch movies.

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