Adhara as Venus Picture

I started working this image after seeing a pose by Adhara. At first glance I remembered a painting that we had in Art History class and when I looked at title it all came in view. The painting was mentioned in Art History as a reference to the female body and how what was considered as the perfect body had changed over time. I started to get all the images collected and my father’s health went down. I couldn’t get my mind back to this image. He passed away and I hit a wall. I could not get my mind on anything. I submitted a few images to my stock account but more or less went incommunicado. I finally felt I had to get back to the image. I had told Adhara that I was working an image and that helped get me moving.

I then did some research and read some mythology. Uranus and Gaia were mentioned, Gaia being Earth, and Uranus being god of the Heavens. Uranus Blanketed Gaia every night and had many offspring. Uranus was not happy with the offspring, which were the Titians, Cyclopes and the giants Hecatonchires. Gaia in her anger had one of the bravest offspring, Cronus, castrate Uranus in his sleep and then cast his testicles into the sea. From the genitals that were cast into the sea Venus was born later called Aphrodite from which love and beauty came forth in statues and paintings.

Now after I read that and I had the painting by Sandro Botticelli in mind, something seemed to be wrong. The male image had a female in his arms and seemed to be blowing air or a least seemed happy. Why would Uranus, after being castrated be doing anything but yelling or screaming or at least showing anger?

I then went and researched the painting itself. Yes, it was the birth of Venus but the figures in the painting were not Gaia or Uranus; they were Zephyrus the wind god and his female companion Aura and One of the Graces or nymphs, representing the seasons, providing clothing. Now everything seemed to make sense. As you may can tell my mind is not all here yet but that is normal for me.

I want to thank Adhara for her work in the posing and for being patient and sharing her time.

Zephyrus and
Aura Me and my friend Cindy
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