Custom PKMN - Angeleon Picture

Of the evolutions, I am thought to be the messenger of the gods...


The Flying Trickster Pokemon, Angeleon is the Pokemon counterpart of Hermes, or Mercury. If you guys aren't too familiar with your mythology, Hermes is also known as a trickster as well as the messenger of the gods.

Starting off the design for this one was most peculiar. Keeping to the older design formula, I decided to keep some kind of collar. However, not wanting something so poufy or obnoxious, I went with a simple scarf.

Then there are the wing decals.

As for the wings itself on its back... It was to balance everything else out.

Finally, a thin yet graceful tail since it has little to no purpose like the other more elaborate tails.

Custom games only to be used with:
Pokemon Unity/Pokemon Agate

If you see this concept anywhere else, please notify me immediately...

Pokemon (C) Me
Art (C) Me
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