Daughter of Apollo Picture

This, my dear friends, is Francee Saychelle Ortiz (at least until I can think of a better family name), daughter of Apollo. My Percy Jackson OC (Original Character).

Her story is as follows.

Francee has lived most of her life with her stepfather, George Alcaraz, in a run-down apartment in New York. For a while, she was made to believe that he was her true biological father. Not long after, one discovery led to the next, and George was unable to keep his charade. Francee's mother had died shortly after giving birth to Francee, which led her to a life without any real relationship with her biological parents. Realizing her father was an Olympian god didn't help better her case. This may have caused her pessimistic view on life at times.

At a tender age, Francee discovered her interest in archery. However, these natural skills born to Apollo's children held ineffective when she and her best friend, Nikolai, a mortal, had faced a basilisk at their campus on the last day of school. Luckily, Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, and Grover Underwood were there to recover them. They took Francee to Camp Half-Blood where she stays for the summers. Once she arrived at Camp, her father had gifted her with a special golden bow, a trademark of Apollo. This golden bow is seen in the Mist as a hair clip that she wears when she is not attacking any mythological monsters, or helping defend the camp. She customizes her own arrows, with a specialty in especially fatal poisoned arrows; the poison concocted by a special friend from the Demeter kids.

As of current, Francee is deciding whether or not to join the Hunters of Artemis, after being invited by Thalia Grace, who had seen her superior archery skills from the battles she had fought. Francee had developed a crush on Percy Jackson after him having saved her, however pointless it may seem.

/Too lazy to do lineart and to colour in properly.
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