Vesna Picture

In Croatian and slavic mythology Vesna is the goddess of spring and youth, she is the harbinger of reborn and renewed life. Vesna, like the Greek deity Artemis, is also guardian of nature, wilderness and feral animal.

It is a sad farewell present.
I made it for someone I liked... but unattainable.

I was totally unable to catch her beauty and the spark of life, so the result is not even a pale mock of her beauty, The drawing looks heavy and not lively, fresh and graceful as she is... So, I failed in getting on the paper her sparkling, cheerful essence. For some obscure reason, a nice symmetry, a perfect oval face like her becomes a “fearful symmetry” to depict.
So I felt quite frustrating trying to catch her spirit and I worked so much on the details and shape of the face that I made a mess!! Too much texture, too heavy layers of colour. As usual, I used coffee for the get skin colour...

At the end, we draw for ourselves... it’s a selfish process. It is made either to recreate, and thus own, things hard to obtain, or, by having a kind of power on their creation, to get their mind free from thought or things that nag them... perhaps, it may help to move on.
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