Daughter Persephone Picture

I was on this website, [link]
And I'm totally addicted! lol
I decided to do a series on the top fermale Olympians from Greek Mythology.
This is Persephone, daughter of Zeus (King of the gods) and Demeter (goddess of the Harvest, the Seasons, fertility, and, according to some sources, the life-and-death cycle) and the wife of Hades, and Queen of the Underworld.
She's supposed to be very demure, innocent, graceful, and delicate. I drew inspiration from my little sister when she was young, she was very shy, but very polite.
I picked this particular background to represent the Underworld where she spends Fall and Winter with her husband.
Although this is the outfit she likes to wear when she spends Spring and Summer with her mother. Hope you like it!
Look for her alternative version where she'll be in her Queen of the Underworld outfit.
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