One and the Same Picture

"Wild on woodland ways your sires
Flashed like fires:
Fair as flame and fierce and fleet
As with wings on wingless feet
Shone and sprang your mother, free,
Bright and brave as wind or sea.

Free and proud and as glad as they,
Here today
Rest or roams their radiant child,
Vanquished not, but reconciled,
Free from curb of aught above
Save the lovely curb of love."

-Algernon Charles Swinburne
This is my entry for both #Beautiful-Equine and #Artists-of-Equus. For the #Beautiful-Equine one you just had to use one of three stock pieces, I used this one. For the #Artists-of-Equus one you had to portray some mythological equine- I chose to do Poseidon, the mythological Greek God of the sea and horses.

My Poseidon here, is pretty much a sexy beast. Most of him looks like a regular horse, but a few parts of him are ocean inspired. First, he has tears because like seaturtles, who pump extra salt from their eyes, he spends a lot of the time in the ocean- so he too, appears to be crying when he pumps salt from his eyes. Second, instead of having white markings on his legs, he gets blue scale markings. Third, his hooves are the same texture and color as those pretty pinkish shells with grooves. Fourth, his eyes are the many colors of the ocean- from dark blue, to sky blue, to gray. And of course he can control the water, hence him rearing and a wave raising :3
Please critique and comment, the things I did are:
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