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NOTE: This is an alternate version of the character sheet, for people that need more room to explain their character. Please note that ALL SECTIONS must be covered!

Izanami is regal, calm, and impeccably polite. She moves with grace and purpose, and is exceptionally demure and formal, with manners above reproach. She is the epitome of poise, the essence of etiquette, a soft-spoken and lovely creature by all accounts.

Except for when she's not.

Izanami is a master of double-speak and manipulation. She rarely will say exactly what she's thinking, but somehow she'll end up getting what she wants. Passive or passive-aggressive, she has a knack for saying just the right thing to make somebody else lose their temper, leaving them to appear the villain, and her the innocent victim.

That is, as long as things go her way. Fortunately for the rest of us, Izanami typically gets exactly what she wants, but when she doesn't, her temper is terrible to behold. Her dignity will vanish, and she will fling herself at those that have offended her with tooth and nail. She is often accompanied by beautiful retainers that, when their mistress has a fit, transform into wild, shrieking gales of wind that can tear a man to pieces or deafen them with their screams. It is not a pretty sight. So really, it's in the best interests of everyone just to let Izanami have her way.


Izanami is a woman scorned, and the fury that Hell hath is NOTHING compared to the grudges Izanami-no-Mikoto can hold. She is in Hades searching for a very dangerous secret: The method by which she can kill a god.

And when she finds it, her ex-husband is in a whole lot of trouble.

However, should her ex-husband discover she has a weapon or the knowledge needed to destroy him, he will no doubt prepare a defense. Therefore, she not only needs to acquire this ability, but she must do so discretely. If word gets out about what she is up to, her plot to dishonor and kill her ex-husband will be over before it has a chance to begin.


Izanami's greatest weapon is her mind and mannerisms. She is skilled at turning people into their own worst enemies. No matter what you say or do, she will find a way to turn it against you. She knows how to twist to her own purposes a samurai's honor, a thief's greed, a lord's ambition, and a sinner's guilt.

She is also a skilled illusionist, and can enchant objects or locations so they take on a new appearance. Most of these are particularly effective in the dark, taking on a physical form in addition to a visual one. For example, in the light an illusion of a dragon might only have the look of the mighty beast. In the dark, it would sound, smell, and, if it hit you, FEEL like a legendary creature brought to life from thin air.

Izanami was not always so devious or self-absorbed. Originally she was sweet, innocent, and very, very much in love. In the end, that desperate affection was what turned her into a monster.

In the early days of the earth, she helped her husband, Izanagi, create the first land. They had many children together, but she died giving birth to Kagu-Tsuchi, the incarnation of fire. Izanagi was so angry at the loss that he killed the child, but this did not cool the flames of his rage. Still distraught, Izanagi traveled to Yomi, the land of the dead, to find his lost love. However, he arrived too late, and Izanami-no-Mikoto had already eaten the food of the underworld.

She could not bear to let him see what she had become, but at the same time she could not stand to have him leave her. She NEEDED him with her. Her heart ached at the thought that he would abandon her, now that she was no longer vivacious and alive. So she kept herself hidden in shadow, and asked him not to look upon her.

He promised, and together they laid down to sleep. However, as soon as Izanami was slumbering, Izanagi lit his comb on fire and saw what had become of her. His wife's body was rotted and ravaged by foul creatures, and the sight of her filled him with fear. He leaped up, awakening her. She realized that he had broken his promise, and in doing so had shamed her. He ran from her, and she chased after him, broken-hearted at his betrayal. He barely escaped, blocking the entrance to Yomi with a boulder, trapping her inside. He then, over the sound of her desperate screams, he declared an end to their marriage.

The overflowing love Izanami had felt turned to bitter poison in her heart, and in response to his rejection, she swore to kill a thousand people a day. Izanagi promised to give life to fifteen hundred people a day in response. They have been sworn enemies ever since.

Now Izanami-no-Mikoto wishes for vengence against Izanagi. She seeks a way to bring dishonor to his household and, once she has destroyed everything he holds dear, kill him. Even better, if she can trick him into bringing shame to his household by his own hand.


N/A - This section will be necessary for all contestants, but does not apply to the gods. Instead, this section is dedicated to:

WHAT IZANAMI MAY OFFER IN EXCHANGE FOR HELP ACHIEVING HER GOAL (to discretely acquire the means by which she can kill a god - either a weapon or knowledge):

Izanami may provide enchanted items to aid characters that swear to assist her. These can have a variety of effects, all related to illusions and light. Some might make people invisible in shade, or appear like a different person, or allow them to change their face. The exact details are up to you.

However, should you attempt to turn on Izanami, or go back on any promises made, this item will immediately go from blessing to curse, causing a variety of ill effects. And that's BEFORE Izanami and her hand-maidens find you, and rip you to pieces bit by bit. Which, if you're lucky, will happen before she destroys everything you ever loved.

Let's just say, she doesn't take rejection well.
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