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The devil's gave fixed on Iahhel with a sudden intensity, a darkly amused smile gracing his lips, "say my name."

So this piece took a loooong time so please don't be too hash with it. The devil is based on a mixture of christian mythology and the greek god of the underworld hades (which was then made me be influenced by disney, thus the blue hair). I tied to keep many aspects people find frightening (snakes, spiders, skulls tendons/muscle ect) while keeping typical hell (warm colours, fire -indicated by glow- chains and stone) I used wood to help fill out the throne. And a pillow, cause everyone wants to be comfy. The dragon was meant to show darker times in the past when people were afraid of dragons, less so now. He is holding two silver coins, for the ferry man charon.

The idea was partially to show how one religion can change and grow into another. Hades keeper of the underworld could have influenced the christian devil being ruler of hell. But I also wanted to try and do a greater depth of detail in my backgrounds and attempt a sitting pose.
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