Fate, Grace, Vengeance Picture

These three combined:

[link] (Fate)
[link] (Grace)
[link] (Fury)

I never noticed how these three sisters represented different greek mythology trios or even their individual personalities until reading their [link] (GargWiki) article. Granted, they have VERY similar personalities, but Luna is the more level headed, Phoebe gets excited easier and Selene is the one that personally helped Macbeth get his revenge against Duncan (the little blue ball).

I gave them each a symbol too, Luna the hour glass representing fate, in the hour glass with a glimpse of the scene where Demona saves Macbeth as a lad, a very UN-Demona choice that drastically changed her life. [link]

Phoebe's symbol, I went with an out-stretched hand. Her scene is when Demona and Macbeth are friends and allies, I tried to draw this scene: [link]

Finally Selene's symbol is the little magical death ball with the scene where he tells her he wants to kill her even though it will cost him his life: [link]

This is for a contest I want to run here: [link]
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