Super Gay DC Picture

A gathering of 34 lez, gay, bi, and trans heroes, villains, anti-heroes and civilians from the DC Universe (or Multiverse). I didn’t include Vertigo characters; I’ll probably do that drawing someday. Anyway, this is also dedicated to the comic book writers and artists who made this superhero universe a little more colorful.

Roll call: Bunker, Apollo, Starman, Lightning Lass, Shrinking Violet, Extrano, Comet, Tommy Jagger, Fauna, Obsidian, Power Boy, Tasmanian Devil, Hero Cruz, Houston, Donner, Ice Maiden, Gravity Kid, Knockout, Josiah Power, Thunder, Batwoman, Catwoman (Holly Robinson), Grace, Olympian, Scandal, Liana, Pied Piper, Terry Berg, Midnighter, Creote, Question, Maggie Sawyer, Gannon Malloy, Blitzen.
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