Dr'kien's Bronze Longath Picture

The third of fourteen dragon references for my Arolos Weyr - Pern Characters.

Longath is an Arolos hatched dragon based on Romulus from greek mythology. He impressed to Dartkien (Dr'kien) on June 17th 2006.
Appearance: Longath is no doubt a bronze. Called shiny by his clutchmates, this hatchling is as bright as they come like a polished copper coin. The shade of bronze along his chest, belly and underside of his tail fades from the rest of his body like his hide was scrubbed just a little too hard and lost some of its coloring but still gleams imperiously. From his the tip of his muzzle, traveling down his headkonbs to his neckridge and continuing down his spine to the tip of his tail is a strip of tarnished copper like who ever was polishing him neglected a spot. It all merges with his bright coloring quite gracefully so that it isn’t quite noticeable at first. Longath’s wings are fitting for his large body, carrying on the bright copper appearance of the rest of his body except for the tarnished tips of each wing tip.

This hatchling has the potential of growing into one of the larger if not the largest bronze in Arolos, let alone all of Pern. His size easily dwarfs his clutchmates with few of his bronze brothers even coming close. Longath is well proportioned, looking as if his body will develop well but evenly muscled. His wings look slightly too large for his body but he doesn’t acknowledge that bit of hatchling awkwardness. His tail seems almost too long until you see just how well the bronze curls it around his body as he sleeps. He tends to twitch the end like an angry feline when annoyed. Longath is clearly intimidating, a characteristic that will only grow with him in time.

Personality: Large even among bronzes, Longath will be a natural leader. From Hatching, he will lead others in feats of high courage and daring - sometimes too much so! It is likely that the Weyrling Masters would prefer *not* to have most of Longath's class led out of the Barracks and into the danger of Southern forest, or into the lake before they've learnt to swim, or on a million other dangerous little adventures. Reluctant participants will be challenged and even bullied along on occasion – you don't want to come? You think it's dangerous? What are you, some kind of coward?

Nor will he allow any member of his class to be lazy if he can help it. He may believe himself to be above the instruction of the Weyrling Master and Wingleaders, but *they* are certainly not above *his* instruction. They should be up and doing things, not dillydallying about.

He hates to be inactive, and will chafe if an injury ever forces him that way. He will love hunting when he discovers it, finding it makes his blood race with excitement.

He will be fiercely Arolosian - again, not always something that will delight those in charge. At any sign of a threat to the Weyr - be it from the RedStars, another group of renegades, or even another Weyr, it will be hard to keep him from leading vigilante action against such threats, not hurting humans but certainly doing his level best to intimidate them. And if it is another Weyr - say Fort, or High Reaches - any dragons originating from there may have their lives made miserable.

He will have a friend and willing follower much of the time in his Brown brother, Albath. As long as Albath follows and obeys him, theirs will be a happy friendship. However, Longath regards arguments and disobedience as a betrayal, and will react accordingly. This may be a problem he suffers from in friendships throughout his life.

Longath will view himself as the natural leader of the Weyr, and will Fly with great determination in gold flights when he is older. It is perhaps best if he Impresses a Weyrleader hopeful as one day, he is sure he will win. Of course, with his attitude, what this would mean for Arolos is uncertain.
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