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I changed his name for... mythological reasons...
Sverrir: Old Norse name which was originally a byname for a restless person, derived from the word sverra ("to spin, swing, swirl"), hence "wild, restless."

I. Did. Not. Draw. This.
Full Name: Sverrir
Nickname or call name: Trip or Flashbang
Age: 8 months.
Gender: Colt
Breed: Wizard Equine
Home: Human World (wandering Los Lobos)
Mate: None (too young)
Leader: Luna
Herd Position: Youth
Offspring: Too young.
Relations: Svadilfari (brother)
Ability: Light/Radiance
Form/Species: Equine/Human
Height: 15.3hh
Color: Silvery perlino, blond mane/tail.
Eye Color: Icy blue.

Accessories: Yes.

Open Facts: Sverrir, or Trip, as Svadilfari often calls him, is that little brother who idolizes the only true family he has. He tries his hardest to impress Svadilfari on multiple occasions, and being a youngster, not all of them go as planned. He isn't humiliated or ashamed when he makes mistakes in his attempts, in fact, it teaches him to try harder with a new approach. That's what makes his older brother proud.
-As he grows older, he starts to lose that 'determined to impress big brother' ideal as he hits his teenage years and goes through usual teenage phases, even starts to explore further away from Svadilfari and learn about the outside world.
-His essence says 'pretty boy' like a big fat bulletin board, as he gets older and more mature with his age, he surprisingly becomes a hit with the ladies of all age, yet living most of his life with his brother Svadilfari has taught him to never take advantage of what you have, but to hold it wisely.
-Surprisingly well-mannered. Yes. Random.
-He acts as the distraction for the herd in case they get into a sticky situation. A reason why he's called 'Flashbang'.

Private facts: He was born to the same forbidden union that brought Svadilfari into the world, a wild male mustang showing up to try and steal Svadilfari's mother. Driven off once again by the family dogs, Sverrir was born, and after he was weaned, their owner's parents weren't pleased with a sudden new responsibility. Not at all.
-Svadilfari's owner, a teenager, decided to set Svadilfari and Sverrir loose at night while everyone was asleep. Their mother ensured that this was for the best. The two hurried away from the pastures, where Svadilfari took it upon himself to care for Sverrir until he was 'ready'.
-While his brother is an extremely talented 'illusionist', wielding the power of magic/illusion, Sverrir has the power of light, but his age he doesn't even know he has it. They think the random blinding light comes from convenient sun-rays.

Character Info: Though his future holds a lot of potential, he is just a young colt still trying to find his feet. *hence his nickname 'Trip'*, though he becomes extremely graceful when he grows up.
-It is believed that the two brothers got their 'abilities' from their mother, who has dormant magic in her blood that awoke when she passed it on to her sons.
-I didn't draw this at all.

I commissioned this image from *Black-Heart-Always as a request for a younger sibling for my Svadilfari. She blew me away, as usual. <3

Image: *Black-Heart-Always
Character: ~myste971
Uploaded with permission.
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