Capricorns Dream Picture

I am Dragon I am only Dragon. There is no one within or connected to me that is not Dragon. I am totally and completely Dragon: Body, mind & spirit. I am my own universe Justin is Dragon

Life is a raindrop falling in perpetual motion stick out your tung and taste the rain when your on empty go back for more.

who am I me I don't think I could really describe me what can be described is best shown. the basics I love to explore new things ideas concepts beliefs I love to research cultures religions cults languages i like history politics philosophy astronomy astrology mythology and archeology and anthropology study s quantum physics fascinates me writing is a passion

I want to travel to learn to explore the world around me i see the world with a since of wonder and beauty.

knowledge is power but wisdom is learning through experience. with time.

Aristotle said: a man who admits he knows nothing is the wisest of them all

ive learned I know nothing but everything

thats just one part of me a:}

I sit here contiimplating my life and all the things that have brought me to where I am now my mind wonders off into the past the present into the future. where my life merges into a melting pot of mistakes trials love hate and redemtion and grace. I see that I am part the cosmic experience a planned destiney if you will my path is set I think if the cosmic experience of life and universal thought could be described as a game of chess the peice that would best describe me would be the rook or castle it can move in all four directions it is limited only to the fact that it can only move straight back straight forword and straight side to side my life has been like that if something blocks me from moving forword I either get pushed back or I have my friends to either side of me to lean on when things arnt going quit as planned somtimes my goal is right in front of me I snatch it victory ...but in the game of my liife sometimes theres somthing blocking my access so i have to retreat to find another way to my goal.
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