OC Ladies Line Up Picture

This is a line up of some of the original lady characters who pop up in me comicverse. They are listed below from left to right.

Map - The glowy one. She is actually a projection of energy from the small device that is in her middle. She/the device is capable of mapping and memorizing different threads of time in the Tapestry of Time. She was created by a creature named Dr. Drake in order to aid Vagrant in his quest to prevent the Tapestry from unravelling. Due to the affections of her creator, her features and body resemble that of the Mad Maid Mary.

Mad Maid Mary - All knives and spunk. She is far less super heroine and far more vigilante. She claims that she knew Vagrant in the past, or more specifically, will know him in the future, and that they were/will be lovers. Vagrant is hesitant to believe her due to her liquid morals and fearsome attitude. In addition to her feistiness, she also commands the constructs known as the Twin Golems, war machines created for her protection, and fueled using a power very similar to Vagrant's.

Terpsichore - In a universe of rational thinkers, where most magic has been explained as science we have not yet understood, Terpsichore is a conundrum. Genetically, she is nothing more than human, and yet she assuredly possesses super human agility and grace. Her combat prowess is equally fearsome, though not always her first mode of interaction. She says she is truly the ancient Greek muse, last survivor of a powerful mythology. Many suspect her of madness. A few believe. But nobody can explain her.

Decibela - The older sister of a young man with the ability to manipulate sound, Anne Giguere watched her sibling maimed in combative service to the government. Though he survived, greatly thanks to the many cybernetic implants that now are bonded with his body, she still attempted to take his place by designing a suit that emulates his natural powers. She believed that the government didn't care who was fighting, as long as they had a weapon. However, when she discovered that though the government had recruited her services they had continued to utilize her brother for combat, she turned on her masters and attempted to escape with her brother. However, the young man had been warped by his implants and was little more than mindless soldier, and attempted to capture her. Now she fights a personal war against the secret sections of the government, attempting to wrest control of her brother from their abusive grasp.

Map, Mad Maid Mary, Terpsichore, and Decibela as named, depicted, and described copyright myself.
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