OC: Chugami Picture

I haven't played Okami. Action-adventure games in the vein of Zelda have never appealed to me. My knowledge of its characters, plot, what have you is more or less limited to one person's Let's Play. However, it did inspire three things.

One, my interest in creating my own scrolls, including one hanging on the wall of my room right now with "Clarity" written in kanji on it, and a story with Game Over expy characters told in the style of a Japanese fable.

Two, an Okami entry in the Game Over canon which I will likely never write. It stars Issun shortly after the events of the first game as he tries to stop the Game Over, polymorphed this time into local animals, from stealing all the scrolls in Nippon, which they are doing because... SC just likes scrolls. Really.

And finally, we have Chugami. His name is made of up "chu," the sound of a mouse, and "gami," which means "graceful" and was pretty much used because that was the suffix used for each of Okami's Brush Gods.

Chugami, distinct among my work, does not have a Sonic-style design, adopting a more semi-realistic look. He is about half SC's height, not counting his pack. Chugami is a wandering storyteller who seeks to gather all the stories of the world. Basically a bard in Chinese garb. Normally, he is very polite and respectful and enjoys the opportunities to tell people one of the stories he has found. However, while he's storytelling, he gets himself drunk on the sake from the barrels strapped to the side of his pack (there's another one on the opposite side), resulting in the story differing widely from its original version with stuff like ridiculous anachronisms, not to mention using much vulgar language. Almost a complete turnaround from his normal personality, huh?

NOTE: the edges of his sleeves are supposed to have black trim much like the bottom of the robe, but I missed that detail while drawing him.

Along with his goal of gathering the world's stories, he seeks to gather the scattered Mystical Sakes of Storytelling, which, when you get down to it, are tropes in alcoholic drink form. Each one is named and flavored after a storytelling element / trope, although there are only sakes for the more universal elements. One of the best known is Komedei Sake, the sake of (stage) comedy.

Also, I'm trying to work on a line of retellings of Japanese mythological tales that get as raunchy as Chugami tells them, but sadly I can't seem to come up with this stuff on my own and, in the style of oral tradition, I need someone on MSN to tell it to off the top of my head. It just turns out that way.

Chugami © me
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