study 5 - predesign Picture

the full comprehensive layout for the painting. a few anatomical problems here and there, some scribbling, a background that's still up for debate, two of the vultures are missing. this isnt the exact composition i'm planning on (aside from the two focus characters). there isn't a separate study for the angel because all that is required for him to of focus is get shot down. because, violence is cool so the basic premise, since im guessing its better spelled out than left up to the faulty speculation of whosoever comes through here (does anyone even read scrap galleries?)is that
A) the leopard shoots down the angel because it (leopard) represents everything loathesome about infidelity (which must then, deductively, be associated with the angel figure and his demise; a fall from grace, marred divnity etc etc etc dont cheat on your boyfriend)
2) the sphinx, an unlikely and unappealing ally of the angel figure is the only character expressing concern, and even intense grief at the events taking place; possibly harboring a strong affinity for the angel,which must be somewhere forboden by somebody (an abominable monster in love with one of the sons of god? detestable idea, obviously. especially when you're not in the Surf Girl club).
and D) the vultures' strong taste for the angel figure is just that. their high esteem for him has nothing to do with perhaps his person or accomplishments, but with appearance, sexuality, and tearing the still-warm flesh off of his lifeless bones until they're cleaner and whiter than god's toga. and i know for a fact that god uses Tide with bleach.

i hope you paid attention, this will all be on the test.

naw hahaha im gonna repeat it all if/when i submit the painting...had you goin though.
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