Pandora's Box Picture

if anyone doesn't know... Pandora's Box is referenced in Greek mythology, it was a box that when opened released all the ills of the world we know today--pain, war, disease, etc.--and finally hope.

it's been a rough six months... and I wish for this new year that I might have as much hope as I did last year at this time...

The written part of the cloud consists of lyrics, some stuff from postsecret ([link]) the french and german ones, too... more personal stuff taken from the mat under my computer that I drew and wrote all over, secrets, stuff from other places where things are written...

Media: watercolor paper, watercolor, art pen, drawing pencils, colored pencils, art markers, sharpie, oil pastel, charcoal

Lyrics from the following songs used:
Roadside- Rise Against
Here Again (Last Conversation)- Fightstar
Damn Regret- The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
It Only Hurts- Default
Forget About What I Said- The Killers
Audience of One- Rise Against
Change the World- Finger Eleven
Your Guardian Angel- The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
One-X- Three Days Grace
It's All Over- Three Days Grace
Another Heart Calls- The All-American Rejects
Savior- Rise Against
Yes- Coldplay
Breath- Breaking Benjamin
Back to Me- The All-American Rejects
Lost!- Coldplay
Paperthin Hymn- Anberlin
Until the End- Breaking Benjamin
Sunshine- The All-American Rejects
Re-Education (Through Labor)- Rise Against

Songs and lyrics (c) their respective writers (I do not own any of the lyrics included and do not claim rights to them)

Happy New Year
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