Where the Wing Would Go Picture

So I went to Fetishball and I saw a suspension performance. Two rings, right where the wings would go. She was sailing through the air, dancing [kinda] with this natural grace. Like she belonged there.
SO naturally, suspension and angels have now mixed in my mind. The closest you can come to ascension. Now, given my dark mythology for Angels.... this is a terrifying, if beautiful thought.
Still kind of creepy to me but I'm quickly warming up the the idea. I think I could deal with the hooks themselves. And honestly, when I think of the hooks I think of the scene from The Cell. Where he's wearing the curtains ... like wings. Uhhuh, see how that works? And that is just so much more visually appealing then being hoisted up. Which, surely, is more appealing sensationally.

Anyways. Curious about this. Warrants research and a short story.
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