Sphinxmon- Redesign Picture

Remember my partner Cheetahmon? I thought I would redesign her Ultimate form, Sphinxmon, because it looked too much like another certain Digimon, so I decided to give her a more hieracosphinx-based look.

Name: Sphinxmon
Meaning: Based on the mythological creature
Families: Virus Busters, Nature Spirits, Wind Guardians
Type: Mythological Beast Digimon
Level: Ultimate
Attribute: Vaccine
Info: A mysterious creature who lives in the desert and often comes out only at night. Equal parts graceful and ferocious, she strikes swiftly, then vanishes into the skies afterward.
Sphinx Strike- She opens her mouth and a sphere of energy appears which she either launches at the enemy or shooms out as a beam.
Feather Blades- fires the feathers on her wings at enemies.
Sphinx Claw- Slashing attack.
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