Modern Goddesses Picture

I was in the mood to draw something Norse, so I went with a modern Nott and a modern Frigga. Just because. After the end of the world (theoretcially), Nott is kicking around Italy with an acting troup (one of those "seemed like a good idea at the time" things so I ran with it) and Frigga is somewhere in the upper regions of Europe with Odin. Um, just because. She's a wedding planner (because, according to one of my books, she was the goddess of marriage or something. I dunno, I just remember that).

No shading, but colored outlines.

These interpretations of Nott and Frigga © Me

EDIT: I was going to mention that I always saw Frigga as being statuesque. So I tried to give her that sort of look. Nott is obvious more graceful-like, but I think Frigga's body type is more indicitive of an average female. *shrug* But I don't research that out of thing.
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