Fallen From Grace Picture

French for "I fell"
I think it'd be cooler if I could say "I am fallen" or something.
Oui, the direct translation is "I am fallen" but direct translations are misleading.

Kii's design! Woot!
In a world (or something bigger, haven't decided) ravaged by war where various factions live to kill and life is cheap, one small faction tries to lead by example. They are by no means philanthropists or peace makers. However, the treatment of the dead is extremely important to them. If they win a battle, then they carry the opposing faction's dead to the border. Why? Because they would want the same done to them. The average warrior does not mess with the bodies, but a team of 'Valkyries.' The name taken from the women in Norse mythology that would ride down from the sky to battle fields to collect the dead they thought had fought extremely well and would take them to Valhalla (for a grand ol' party). A Valkyrie (back to my story) never engages in combat. If she is 'marked by battle' or wounded then she is to resign from her post and become a warrior.

The story of Kii is one that follows the line of resigning. However, well, read the story non?

Design (c) Me
Hissi (c) Neopets

I just noticed how much she looked like Zreii. It's that they're both ghosts I tell ya! And her wings look feathered and not gaseous like they're supposed to. And the blue isn't as subtle as I'd have liked it. And her twisted ornate armor pieces kind of look like Zreii's tattoo things, but that's stretching it. I suppose it's a lot like how Tri looks like Simazin? Neyh?
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