Adam's Relique Picture

This piece is constructed from ready-mades consisting of a bookshelf, books, mousetrap, money, plastic jewelry box, light, clay, wire, glass insulator, dirt, and plaster life-castings.

The context of this artwork is the things in the western world that Adam fathered.

Adam’s head rest on his body that is represented by the bookshelf. His face is serene as if dreaming with a slight smile. On the top shelf is the creation of man, Adams birth from clay. God being represent by one side of the wire and Adam on the other side. The glass insulator separates Adam from the direct power of God, because God is untouchable. This theme of separation from God from his creations is a global idea that runs through just about all creation myths.

Upon the second shelf, is the fall from Gods grace, Eve’s hand offering of the apple and encased in the plastic jewelry box is the teeth in which the apple was bitten. Eve extends her hand to the audience suggesting they should take a bite. The teeth are enclosed in the viewing box, because the mouth creates trouble.

The third shelf contains the western world most important religions, money, Judaism, Christianity, Muslim, and science. The money is set in a rat trap, for the pursuit of money is the most ungodly of the religions. The religious books are represented from left to right and in the order in which they came into existence. The last book or religion is set on an angle and is Darwin’s book On the Origin of Species.

Adam stands on top of dirt, the soil from which he was born and the soil to which he will return.
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