Open your eyes Picture

"Look deeply inside yourself" Philly said. "Feel the energy flow out through your hands and forming a ball of light."
"I can't" Grace protested.
"Shsss! Anyone can do it. Now concerntrait." It took many long minutes befroe anything started to changed. "Good." Philly said, pleased with Grace's effort.
"Now open your eyes."


At least 3 hours in photoshop : D

First attempt at a background too.

I don't like how it turned out, but I think I'm getting better at colouring skin.
I did the tree 3 times, because I kept on putting the shadows on the wrong side. Now it just looks shiny.
So I'm now like wtf?


Philly is an abbriviation for something. Kudo's if you work it out.
Grace (C) me
Philly (C) The World (I didn't make her up, just this version of her, though I'm sure no one really has copyright for her.)

Anyway. I need to move on.
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