Influence Map Picture

^ ^; I'm not convinced this isn't illegal in all kinds of ways but if you don't like being my influence and want me to take this down, I will.

*ahem* right. This was something I could do that didn't require a lot of brain matter. Kind of in the middle of getting into a new job. I'm still drawing, just not happy enough with any of it to upload it.

I noticed that a lot of people who submitted this list mostly shows or movies. Well, I can't say that television was a very big part of my influence since I grew up without cable or much money spent on entertainment in general (we had PBS, TBN and the news, that was it) so the few shows I did see weren't noteworthy enough for me to remember them. Well, except Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century. But that was after I'd had my allegiance caught by the original books
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