Pokemon university card: Momo Picture

Name: Momo O. (Opalenta) McLander
Age: 14
Height: 4'11"
Weight: 135 lbs.
Eye Color: Dark brown,Almost Black
Hair Color: Light brown
Region: Kanto
Hometown: Pallet Town
Room #: 333
Battle (211)
Potions/Item Creation (224)
Pokemon History and Mythology (145)
Trainer class: Pokemon Breeder
Nature: Naive
Catchphrase: "Auu..."

Likes: Ice Cream,Cookies,Violin,Piano,Swimming,being happy
Dislikes: Her Blackouts,Ursarings,People kissing strait in front of her,People finding out her secrets,Electrodes and Voltrobes using explosion

Momo is hyper most of the time.She likes to get people to try and see the positive thing in life,but when having her own problems,Momo can't see them.Momo is normally quite childish,but acts her best when it comes to some things.Sadly,She can be quick tempered.Momo can also be some what of a tom boy.

Momo grew with her Mom(a retired trainer),Her older brother Mandel,and her parents Pokemon.Her father (Also a retired trainer) is a travailing sales man for the big Pokemon companies.When he'd go to another region,he'd move his family with him.The last region
before going back to her home region was Unova.When she moved back to Kanto,she lived with her parents retired Pokemon.Her mother's was a Charmelion named Charmy.her father's was a Charazaid named Typhoon.When she tried to get her Pokemon license,she failed her test.She didn't get it until she was 13 (Same time Ash Ketchum did).Growing up with fire Pokemon,Momo chose Charmander as her starter.After she defeated Kanto,she moved on to Johto. Then when her father was in Hoenn,covering for his old friend Norman at his gym,Momo decided to go there as well.After Hoenn,Sinnoh was to come..After Sinnoh,came Unova.Here lied lots of memories for Momo.After defeating the elite four and team plasma,Momo is currently staying in her home in Nuvema town.She goes out to train all the time.She suffers from childhood trauma.As a child she ran away into the mountains.She was attacked by a group of enraged ursaring,who almost killed her if it wasn't for a sneasel that she later named More.Due to her trauma,she suffers from blackouts that happen at random times,most during massive amounts of stress are put on her.
Pokemon Team
Name: More
Species: Weavile
Gender: ♂
Ability: Pressure
Item: King's Rock
Nature: Gentle
Characteristic: Loves to eat
Ice beam
Beat Up
Shadow Claw
Momo's first ever pokemon. She befriended him at first,not really capturing him. They met after More-As a Sneasel-saved her from an enraged group of Ursaring.That's how he got his scars.She had to leave him behind after moving to Unova.The two met again after her saved her from the leader of the enraged Urasring-But years later.He evolved after Momo gave him a Razor Claw during the battle.They are closer than any pokemon and trainer could only dream of. He wears a scarf -that Momo gave him- around his left wrist.

Name: Rankin
Species: Gallade
Gender: ♂
Ability: Steadfast
Item: Expert Belt
Nature: Naive
Characteristic: Good perseverance
Charge Beam
Low Sweep
Psycho Cut
Shadow Ball
Raised from an Egg,Rankin has been close to Momo.He sees her as almost a motherly figure,due to his mother never being around.He jumps into conclusions to fast,and battles as well.He's shorter than most Gallade,being at 5' 00" than 5' 03".

Name: Mori
Species: Larvesta
Gender: ♂
Ability: Flame Body
Item: SilverPowder
Nature: Docile
Characteristic: Likes to fight
Leech Life
Flame Charge
When Momo was 9 after she had moved to Unova from Johto,She had to leave More behind.Her parents gave her an egg.At one point,Momo dropped it on accident.It killed the pokemon inside.Years later,Momo somehow receives the same egg.It later hatches into Mori.

Name: Coyi
Species: Totodile
Gender: ♀
Ability: Torrent
Item: Mystic Water
Nature: Impish
Characteristic: Alert to sounds
Dragon Claw
Momo received an egg after she won a cooking contest.Later on...This little mess of a totodile hatched.Coyi is pretty strong and adventurous.

Name: Rana
Species: Kirlia
Gender: ♀
Ability: Synchronize
Item: Soothe Bell
Nature: Docile
Characteristic: Often dozes off
Rana is Rankin's 'twin' sister.Rankin and Rana were hatched at the same time. Rana is much more matured than Rankin and acts as the older sister,even thought she is the evolve form below him.Rana is a very attractive Kirlia,but she hates being told that.She acts as a rebel,not liking to obey commands.This maybe due to her running away and joining Team Rocket.She left after awhile,joining Momo once again.Sometimes,she still shows her evil side.Rana wishes to one day become a Gardevoir.She believe she not beautiful till she becomes one.Rana is also not the friendliest pokemon. Momo put a Soothe Bell on her scarf to make her a little friendly.

Name: Mulan
Species: Charizard
Gender: ♀
Ability: Blaze
Item: Dragon Fang
Nature: Brave
Characteristic: Quick Tempered
Sky Drop
Flame Burst
Dragon Claw
Mulan is a very graceful Charizard.She use to be owned by a Psychic,but they were killed in a strange accident.Later on,She started to travel with Momo.She treats Momo like she's her child.She carries Momo on her shoulders sometimes.Mulan is taller than most charizard.Not being 5'07" but 6'08".

Pokemon I'm carrying around the university:
1) More
2) Mori

Momo and art (c)
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