Werewolf Meme Picture

Saw this text meme going around, and thought I'd draw it.

Werewolf Meme

...Its a meme about your own version of werewolves. Because they're mythological, and can pretty much be any version of a human turning into a wolf.

Original cause of "werewolfism":
The elves of Nearshaw evolved from apes, and possessed a shape changing magic. They used this to give themselves webbed hands or long fur when needed. When they began associating with Karkadans, who had their own shape changing magic, they started to develop their abilities more fully and take on the full shape of an animal, rather than just an animals features. While in wolf shape they fooled around with wolves, and the resulting pups were half elf, half wolf. These offspring possessed some of their elf parents shape shifting powers, but did not have the grace or lifespan of a true elf. They were however much more intelligent than their wolf parent, and had magic. These half elves married into human villages or wolf packs, their offspring lost most of the shape shifting ability, but retained the ability to move between humanoid and wolf form, stopping anyplace in between.

How can one become a werewolf?:
One becomes a werewolf by having at least one werewolf parent, werewolves are a species, not a disease.

The lifespan of a werewolf varies depending on the ratio of elf to wolf blood, at the most wolfish end of the scale, a werewolf will live about 40 years, on the most elvin they can live up to 160.

If it would kill a bear it will kill a werewolf, they are easier to kill in human form, as they do not have thick fur or natural weaponry.

Intellegence/self control:
Werewolves on average are as intelligent as a human, which is to say there are some really stupid ones with no self control, and there are those that are practically saints. It varies from individual to individual.

Varies widely but again is dependent on elvin blood. A werewolf that is mostly wolf will be the size of a wolf, and may never take full human form, a werewolf with a decent percentage of elvin blood can be 7 feet tall on it’s hind legs, give or take a half foot.

Fur colors (wolf colors or human hair colors?):
Werewolf fur colors vary more widely than true wolf fur colors, they include any color possible on a wolf or human, as well as some blue-grays and green-grays courtesy of their elvin ancestors magic. They also are more likely to have more distinct, symmetrical markings than a true wolf.

Main killing weapon....teeth or claws?:
Most werewolves will lash out with their claws when attacked, though the most wolfish will bite first. The will all use both teeth and claws in a fight, as well as any other weapons they can find.

Preferred food:
Werewolves prefer meat of any kind, though they are omnivores, and can live as vegetarians if they must. Few werewolves have qualms about eating humans, since werewolves consider them to be a separate, if related, species.

Run on all fours or two?
Most werewolves will run on all fours, though they can run on two legs if they have to carry something.

Body type (bulky, hunched, lithe, more wolflike, etc... feel free to link!) :
Varies more than human body types, they can be sleek, bulky, and anything in between.

Lifestyle - More time as wolf or human?
Most werewolves spend their time in wolf, or halfway form. Some will take human form and live among humans, but most only take human form when they have to deal peacefully with humans, and then revert to something wolfish at home.

Forms (human, wolf, beast/anthro, etc):
All werewolves can take wolf form, and most can take a two legged form, that retains a wolf’s head, tail, fur and claws. Many werewolves can also take a full human form, though in some they still have fangs, pointy ears or an unusual amount of hair. Occasionally a werewolf will be born in human form and be unable to change. These are called Misborns and due to their lack of protective fur, and teeth capable of eating raw meat, they rarely survive to adulthood. Some packs will kill a Misborn, but most will care for it to the best of their ability until it succumbs to an infection or the elements. Those misborns left with humans to be raised, grow up with feelings of confusion about their species, and will attempt to return to the pack if they and out what they really are.

Shifting Cause (moon, free will, ritual, etc.):
Werewolves change of their own free will. The only exception to this is when a werewolf in human form feels threatened. Their body will attempt to revert to a form with natural weapons, most werewolves can control this by concentrating, but if the danger requires their full attention they are likely to shift involuntarily.

Shifting Process (is it painful? fast? Can they do it on the run?):
For most werewolves shifting hurts about as much as popping your knuckles, if it were happening in ever joint of your body. Some also report itching or tingling as their hair grows in or retracts. In a significant minority of cases the werewolf will feel pressure in its scull and experience headaches, these usually go away after a period of time. Werewolves who suffer from these usually do not change the shape of their face unless they have to.

Abilities retained in human form:
Werewolves generally have better hearing then humans, and a slightly more sensitive nose. These are noting compared to what they have in wolf form, since they are using human organs to sense, but more of their brain is devoted to processing this information than a humans. For this same reason werewolves often have poor eyesight.

Physical traits retained in human form:
Depends on the ability of the werewolf and the amount of wolf blood, almost no werewolves are capable of changing their eye color, but most can change everything else.

Any mortal enemies (ex. vampires?) :
When the fairies invaded Nearshaw they heard a prophecy that werewolves would lead to their downfall. They attempted to pit humans against werewolves (which mostly worked) and began an extermination campaign against the werewolves (which did not work as well as they expected) This went a long way towards fulfilling the prophecy, because what better way to get yourself a mortal enemy than to slaughter their people?

Loners, or pack-animals?
Werewolves always travel in packs, a werewolf without a pack is emotionally unstable. Packs range in size from three to over fifty. If a werewolf is without a pack, it will seek to develop a pack made up of other species, turning to humans, dogs, horses and goats in that order.
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