Li Zhulong and Li Zhuyin, chara design Picture

SOOO, I GET TO USE THE INTERNET TODAY....because I am probably not going to get any tomorrow...and because it's a Friday...and I have nothing to do....and my dad hasn';t complained I've been on the netbook since 3pm...

Okay, so this is the chara design of my friends Grace and Dong Cheng, who are not siblings in the real world XD

Names: Li Zhulong (the one on the left and a guy) and Li Zhuyin ( the one on the right and a girl)

Age: 15.
Hair: Light brown
Eyes: Grey.
Ethnicity: Chinese-Japanese ( Zhulong) Pure Chinese ( Zhuyin)
Height: Zhulong: 170 cm. Zhuyin: 155cm


- Children of Li Qinglong and two of his numerous wifes * has a large harem...despite it being of modern day and age*

- Prodigies in their father's art, blade throwing. Zhuyin has a sadistic streak, she coats hers in a poison that numbs all movement and basicly makes you a vegetable for as long as you have them in you....( I have to think and do research for this one) She also likes torturing her victims.

- They met when they were 5 and never left each other alone.

- They're kinda their dad's favourites in the family...large, extensive family. It could be that their moms were his true loves...depends.

- They're pessimistic and quick to dislike anyone, and tend to result to jabbing people when they get annoyed, which also happened to Sano when they first met her/him.

- There's a running gag that Zhuyin would knock off Zhulong's glasses and go off parading as him while the poor fellow is left groping on the ground. They look so much alike even though they're not twins and they have 5 months between them. Qinglong's genes are dominative, huh?

Fact: All born members in the Li family are given the names of mythical creatures of Chinese Mythology.
Example: - Zhulong and Zhuyin came from the dragon-like solar deity while Qinglong came from one of the four constellations.

PS: Will upload more on Saturday...I guess...or somedate later. I HAVE LOADS MORE DRAWINGS
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