Desire the Nymph Picture

Name: Desire

Skin: lightly tanned

Hair color: black

Eye color: Green with brown around the pupils

Ears: Pointed

Personality: Sarcastic, often snappy when mad, playful, energetic, often sleepy

Age: 17yrs

Height: 5ft 1in

Race: Nymph

Family: Amethyst(sister)

Friends: Anansi, Nathanial, Amethyst

Weapon: Dagger, Bow and arrow

World: Skullvaara

Home: Travel Town

Helpers/Minions/Familiars: N/A

Abilities: She can bend the air around her to help her fly, she can fuse with trees and help plant grow, she can even keep fruits and vegetables fresh longer

Teeth: fangs

Blood Type: ab-


At a young age Desire showed signs of not fitting in with other nymphs, for example she didn't like playing in big groups, she was much shier then others, and was slower then the others when it came to learning something, she was forgetful. And she was often very clumsy, while the others were fast learners and graceful.

So one day her parents moved her to Travel Town, and on the way met her sister Amethyst. Even though they were so different, she felt safe with Amethyst and would always be by her side. But being stuck in Travel town and hearing tales of the outer world from travelers made her curios, one place she always wanted to see is the Winter Territory, and to see the night Rainbow. So one day she asked her sister if she was ever curious as she was, when she answer yes, the two deiced it was time to leave Travel Town and set out on an adventure.

However with a time of adventure, and with Desire's heart now crystallized to a sapphire, if she were to fall in love, the Crystals curse will be passed on to her lover, and she will share the pain another person bares when she is near them For that is the price to pay, when you throw away your heart, only when the curse is broken, will she be aloud to fall in love
This is me as a nymthe, my mom said my birth stones a sapphire, and my name means Desired, so I put them together.
In mythology Nymthes were known for they're beauty. They loved beautiful things, especially gems, and I decided that my mark would be a heart, so all I needed was something I could draw myself as, so I picked a magical being that was mysterious, fun loving, energetic, and mischievous
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