Keevs - Sketch drafts Picture

Drawin some keevs for warm-up. Also it is about time I clarified her standard forms.

Semi-Human: This is her most commonly used form for interacting with humans. She purposefully refuses to look completely human on most occasions because she is a raging racist and hates them. She retains some of her shark features, webbed fingers, big pointy ears, and an ape-like nose [for the sake of mocking humans] to set herself apart. Drastically. She tends to stick out in a crowd.

Child Form: Least frequently used form. She only uses her child form when she really wants something that she can only get as a human. Mostly she uses it to bait human prey into a trap before generally being a psychopath and killing the shit out of him/her.

Beast Form: Big and lunky, this is her battle form. When she takes on this form, she is FUCKING HUGE. [as shown by the TJ height comparison; TJ is also 4'11".] She tends to be rather slow and lacking in agility in this form, but that is entirely made up for by the fact that she can chow down on her oppressors with one swift bite of her huge maw, or simply step on said opposition as if it were a bug. This form is not to be messed with. Her impenetrable mane of coarse fur also acts as a guard against any standard attack. It's really hard to actually get to the skin at all through that horrible fiery mess...

Finally revealed after several years of design deliberation. This is still somewhat of a rough draft and doesn't include all of her topical details, but covers the basics. what the hell is this anyway? Well, keevs is a strange mutt of Irish mythology and... Great white shark. Don't ask how this happened. It involves a Kelpie, a Selkie, a Shark, and a very sexually-confused Puca. This form is strictly aquatic, and bears no real presence on land, but is a deadly assassin underwater. It also maintains the impressive size of a great white, and the same crushing jaws. This form comes out to a whopping 30 feet from head to tail, and maintains fascinating speed and grace underwater. This form is the deadliest that Keevs is able to achieve in her current constitution. Don't fuck with it. You'll get capped like a BITCH. no, really. You will. Just be happy with the fact that she probably won't eat you. As we all know, great whites hate the taste of humans...

Too many preservatives. :/

Keeva Ashling Driskoll; Beat to Beat ©
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