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Kylie Hanashi is from my Yu-Gi-Oh! fanfic "Naturally Yours" (not yet posted on

Age: 21
Height: 5' 8"
Occupation: singer in the band "Inverse Lightning," dancer, adopted daughter of the head of Yashin Corp.
Likes: dancing, music, kimonos, hot baths, mythology, Duel Monsters, Seto & Mokuba
Dislikes: bullies, corrupt corporations, injustice, spicy foods, overcast days, games that are taken way too seriously
Personality: cheerful, optimistic, enthusiastic, bubbly, independent, likes touching and socializing, very observant of people's hidden natures, looks carefree on the surface but has a more serious inner nature that rarely comes out
Love interest: Seto Kaiba

Kylie was born with a degenerative muscle disease that confined her to a wheelchair and used to live in the same orphanage in Japan as Seto and Mokuba. The three orphans became very close, but then Kylie was abruptly adopted by Atsumeru Yashin, a Japanese tycoon who lived and worked in San Francisco. Kylie was unwilling to leave without Seto and Mokuba, but Yashin ignored her. He offered to use a new medical technique to cure her illness, but in return she would not be allowed to contact Seto for 8 years. Kylie agreed, planning on leaving and searching for Seto and Mokuba herself once the 8 years were up. But Fate conspired to cause the once-friends to meet far sooner than either expected...

Behind Her Name:

Her English name is "Kylie Hannah" and her first name would technically be Romanized as "Kairii" but I write "Kylie" instead.

Her name came from the song "Kylie" by Akcent and the band "Kill Hannah" after listening to their song "Crazy Angel."

"Kylie" means "narrows," "strait," or "channel" in Gaelic
"Hannah" means "favor" or "grace" in Hebrew

The Japanese symbols:

貝 "kai" = seashell
り "ri"
花 "hana" = flower
詩 "shi" = poem

"hanashi" can also mean "story" or "conversation"

Kylie and "Naturally Yours" (c) to me.
Yu-Gi-Oh! (c) Kazuki Takahashi
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