Inspiration Meme Picture

I quickly did this after seeing Astrozerk04's version of it ( I couldn't help it XP).

I didn't want to take forever drawing crap out, so I quickly looked on DA and Google for these guys.

Now Geotrix has been my main mad man for over 6 years now. But he started out as a fan character rip off of Spider-man 2, before evolving into the super beast you all know and love today.

So in no order are the inspirers.

-Doctor Octopus ( Loved him so much I had to create a alternate version of him as an animorph. First came a wolf, then came scales.)

-Ex-Veemon ( Geo's ancestor Doc Ock Dragon and eventually Octo-Spino was inspired by him)

-Sobek ( Croc God that later inspired some of Geotrix's more Egyptian mythology.)

- Godzilla 1998 ( Badass lizard that I used as a basis for a titanic sized Geotrix. The idea soon fell out of practice, but alot of the body and skull designs are inspired by him.)

Adam Gontier from 3 Days Grace ( Geo's human form is based on him. Only differences really are that Geo has longer black hair with red streaks, black and red slit eyes, sharp canines and a pale, guant face.)

Van Helsing Werewolves( Alot of Geo's moves and transformations are based on them, along with the idea of a kind of "mane" hairdo.)

-Spinosaurus ( pretty obvious that Geo is exclusively based on them. Skull shape, claws, fangs, "sail", tail. Yup, pretty much everything. :/)

-Michael Myers ( Surprising, but Mikey did battle Geo several times. Also, the hair is based from him along with Van Helsing, rage and animalistic tendencies are from him. I based Geo's personality alot on Mike rather than looks.)

So here you have it. The last pic is Geotrix from
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