Armorphoenix Picture

In my opinion one of the most majestic type of creatures are flying ones. But among them there are too few mythical ones with sufficient grace. Sure dragons are cool and everything, but most of them don't look like they are great in the sky, and to those pointing to the regular old phoenix, his looks are majestic as can be, but he doesn't exactly look strong, does he?
So, here's my idea of what a flying legend should look like! The brother of the phoenix, the armorphoenix!
The body of this beast is covered in lightweight- organic metal scales, being very hard to penetrate and protecting the beast against most attacks. His wings and tail feathers adapted and became tentaclelike apendiges freely controlled by the bird with the ability to change in size, incolor and to some degree in shape and texture.
The armorphoenix has an incredibly long lifespan, sometimes reaching an age of 200 years. By the end of their lives the armorphoenixe lays half a dozen eggs around the world, often mistaken for beautiful orbs made of precious metals. When in the hands of a worthy one, they hatch and give the one the ability to sense the flow of fate thus giving them the ability to reach whatever goal they set themselves and more.

I drew this phoenix while attending seminars and lectures using common blue ink. The only editing I did on this picture is contrast and that only because the scanner wasn't exactly doing a great job (it's also the reason why the bird is in black and white). I'm fairly proud of it as it took me a month or so to complete and was my first larger project using a drawing pen.

Hope you enjoy

I'm not exactly fixed with the mythology concerning this one, so feel free to suggest abilities, story, etc. Anything I see fit will be put into the description.
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