Resting Grounds: Achlys Picture

Name: Achlys Lykaios

Age: Upwards of 2,000 years, however she looks (and, sadly, generally acts) about 19

Gender: Female

Race: Pegaiai Nymph A.K.A. a freshwater nymph who presides over a spring

Current Powers/Abilities: She has the ability to control water from her spring. Her spring water has very unique properties, with it she has the power to purify and restore. Through these processes she can do everything from ridding things of dirt to ridding bodies of disease and healing broken bones. Due to these abilities she is a powerful healer and can cure almost any (physical) ailment by having her patient bathe in or ingest water from her spring. People who come to her for healing tend to live longer as a result and through a more complicated procedure it is actually within her abilities to grant immortality. However it is extremely draining on her and leaves her weak and unable to live outside of the waters of her spring for a few centuries at least, it also greatly diminishes her abilities to heal.She has only used this power once to date. She cannot bring things back from the dead, her power does not extend to the soul. She lacks a formal education and heals by intuition rather than formal knowledge, but fear not! She has had over two millenia of practice so she is a very skilled doctor. Occasionally she will be unable to cure a patient, generally this will be due to one of three things:
1: The disease is so strongly ingrained in a patient that the purifying effects of her water will actually take out the persons very cells, killing or maiming them in the process.
2: The characters soul itself is not willing to fight for life or is being affected, as stated before she cures physical ailments, souls are out of her league.
3: The patients body is producing the problem (i.e. diabetes, depression, schizophrenia, etc.). She can clear away any surplus chemicals or whatever if a patient comes in to see her, but she can't stop the body from making more.

Faction: Tir Na Nog

Occupation: Head Doctor

Personality: She is hyper and temperamental, feeling everything in extremes. Her temper is easy to trigger but it blows over just as quickly. She is forgetful and fairly forgiving unless deeply deeply hurt. When she is deeply hurt though she can carry a grudge like no other and tends to blame people who she groups with the offenders even if they had absolutely nothing to do with the offense. She's straight and is a complete tease despite the fact that she hates men (she blames men, in general, for the murders of her wolf-family. Detailed under History). Men that are wolves, were-wolves, or sometimes even who who look or act like wolves are exempt from her hatred. She delights in tormenting non-wolfy men. Although this will not keep her from helping to heal them as she sees it as her duty. She may be over 2,000 years old but she is still shockingly naive about many things and has an air of innocence about her. She is prone to saying things without any tact. It's not that she means to be cruel, it's just that she doesn't understand the concept of hurtful comments. This is probably because of her extremely confident and self-assured nature. She will help anyone who appears to need, or asks for, her help. She is curious and unintentionally nosey. It is entirely likely that she will walk into someone's house without bothering to ask and she is that guest who looks through not only your medicine cabinet, but also your drawers, your nightstand, and anything else that she is remotely curious about. Luckily for everyone she does not know how to pick locks. She will not apologize for any transgressions unless directly asked, again, this is not because she is mean but rather because she will not realize that she's done anything wrong.

History: Achlys was born during a storm when lightning struck a remote mountain in Greece. From the shattered rocks a spring bubbled forth and Achlys with it. She was found by the head of a pack of Were-wolves who lived nearby and was raised by them (lolraisedbywolveslol) until she had developed past her toddler years. While she was still young a group of Persian Soldiers on a reconnaisance mission to Greece stumbled across her wolfpack and, seeing them transform, took it upon themselves to eliminate what they viewed as Monsters. Achlys was both devastated and infuriated when she realized that her family had been slain. She found one survivor, a mere cub, who was suffering from extensive wounds and near death. She was so desperate to save him that she bestowed upon him immortality, leaving him an eternal child. She did not fully recover from this overextending of her powers until about six centuries later. Only a few years ago she set out to seek new experiences outside of her spring. She eventually made her way to the Resting Grounds where she decided to stay in order to help heal fellow "mythological" creatures.

-Because of her healing powers her and her spring were revered by the Ancient Greeks. Through the years she was visited occasionally by humans (and some non-humans) seeking healing. From royalty to beggars, anyone with the determination and need would make their way to her fairly hard to reach spring. Generally they came with offerings as payment for her services and as a result she is unbelievably loaded. She doesn't know (or care) that she's rich though, and she has a really bad habit of grossly overpaying for things.

-The main cause for her venturing out beyond her spring was the lack of visitors. As the years passed the number of humans who believed in or even knew about her and her abilities dwindled until finally they stopped coming altogether (the last person to visit her came to her spring in the mid 1960's).

-Her spring follows her wherever she goes: The source and main output stay in their usual locations (which is somewhere in Greece) but the spring diverts itself so that it will eventually come up wherever Achlys settles. How long the process takes relies entirely on how far away from the main source Achlys moves. She has yet to test whether it can follow her overseas.

-There was more than one survivor of her wolf pack. As it turned out three others had been away on an extended hunting expedition and had therefore been spared. The three survivors have since procreated, reviving the pack. They revere Ambrose, the immortal cub. That is, all but the one wolf still alive out of the surviving three, she was his older cousin to begin with.

-It is possible for non-wolfy men to make their way into her good graces-it just takes a lot of effort on their part.

-She lives in T09, but most of her time is spent in the hospital.

Artists comments: This is an old picture of Achlys that I drew last year for a different group TT-TT I feel so dirty. I promise to have a new picture up as a replacement as soon as I get back to my drawing stuff. I just couldn't bare to let Achlys die, and she is so perfect for this group
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