MCA Application: Luke Picture

Name: Luke Liesmith
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Height: Five feet two inches, or about 157 cm
Weight: One-hundred-seven pounds, or about 49 kilograms


Luke is bisexual, although in his mind he will date anyone who is willing to
deal with his lengthy list of character defects.

Dorm: Onyx


*Luke can teleport short distances at a time, or make small object 'jump'
through space to appear before him. He cannot teleport more than ten yards,
and if he were to do so accidentally, the pressure would cause a nosebleed.
He cannot make an object jump to him if it is more than ten yards away for
the same reason. If he uses his ability too much in a single day he would
drain his energy and black out.


*Luke is very friendly, but he could be considered the most socially awkward
person in existence. He has such horrible health that few of his friends stuck
around for longer than two months, as they were not willing to deal with him
falling sick every few weeks. He is clumsy, always bumping into people and
tripping over thin air, yet he pretends he isn't. When he is near attractive
people he develops a nervous stutter, and his ability to fall over nothing
multiplies tenfold. His outward appearance is bright and cheerful, but as
soon as he gets into a conversation with another he would much rather go
die in a hole.

*Despite not having any close friends, he stays positive. Every morning he
wakes up thinking this day will be the day he won't be a nobody anymore.
Inside he is an extremely intelligent person, and longs for friendship and
acknowledgment more than anything.

*Aside from wishing for friendship, He has an insatiable thirst for knowledge.
Because of his awful immune system he spends most of his free-time
indoors reading, where the germs can't get him. On average he will go
through 9 books per week. He has a true passion for learning, and this
shows in class. Luke is always the first to raise his hand to answer a
question, and by far the most excited to do so.


*Luke had a pretty normal childhood, as far as that goes for a 'nerd'. He had
two parents who loved him very much, until he was ten when his father went
on a trip and disappeared. His mother was upset, but never outwardly
showed it for the sake of him and his siblings. H had two brothers and sister,
all of whom were nothing like him. While he was weak and intelligent, his
brothers were both stupid and brawny, and his sister was graceful and
creative. His brothers didn't like him very much because they didn't
understand his large vocabulary, or intelligent remarks, but his sister adored

Luke was the baby of the family, and he didn't mind being treated as such.
Whenever his mother or sister coddled him, he just went along with it and
rubbed it in his brothers faces later.

In school no one ever wanted to play with him, he was just the nerd who was
too smart and sucked at sports. While that was true, the other children could
have been nicer about it. Instead of letting him do his own thing, some of
Luke's older classmates would bully him. When he was eleven they had
chased him to the back of the school, where there was no where left to run.
He wished with all his might that he could just go further, that he could
escape his tormentors, and suddenly he was behind them. After fleeing in
the opposite it didn't take long for the bullies to catch up with him, as he
wasn't very athletic. He once more wished he could go home without being
caught, and suddenly he was in his room. The force of traveling that far left
him unconscious on the floor, with his blood expelling from his nose. After
that he discovered that teleporting more than ten yards would require way
too much physical exertion, and that he would just have to stop relying on
his ability to escape the bullies.


*People who act friendly around him

*Reading, writing, and studying for school. This also includes doing
homework, or classwork.

*Making smart comments to his bullies that they do not understand.

*Speaking in any of several arcane languages, to confuse the people he
talks to.


*Harsh thunder storms, he is terrified of them.
*Getting sick, even though it happens so often.
*Being pushed around or taken advantage of.
*People who choose to make fun of him rather than ignore him.

Additional information:

*Aside from the normal allergy to color, Luke is severely allergic to
strawberries. While eating them won't necessarily kill him, it will cause him
become ill until his digestive track can expel them completely.

*Throughout his life he has learned several arcane languages, which he will
use at various times when talking to someone he knows is not on the same
page as him.

*Luke somehow manages to get sick at least once per month. Despite his
illnesses in the past he rarely ever missed school.

*His biggest ambition is to become a healer so that he can give back to the
world what it gave to him throughout his many times of illness.


Art, Astrology/Mythology, Dance, and Health. (The last
one was only under suggestion from his mother who thought it would be a
good experience for someone who wished to be a healer. Luke doesn't


So yup, trying out for
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